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Several ways to complete missions?


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I think it would be a cool idea for all the missions in V to have some sort of open ended problem solving aspect. For example in a mission which requires you to kill someone, rather than just saying, HIS SAFE HOUSE IS HERE GO RAID THE BITCH you would get clues to where the guy hangs out most and suss out the places and just find more leads to where the guy is before killing him.


Also choices should be a bigger factor, every mission should have a few choices which will benefit u in one way or negatively affect u but still allows the story to progress. Gives the player more choice and feels like your involved rather than just playing a guy who's following a script.


Bad decisions come back to haunt u in the following days? Drive bys, safe house raids, reputation?


Any other ideas of how to make the missions better and I am not talking about content I am talking about the progression through the story so don't start coming up with cool scenarios for missions wink.gif

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it would be cool to have to investigate where the guy hangs out by reading texts checking his laptop or w/e. but multiple ways to do it/multiple endigs hell no that sht drives me crazy because i want to know every single way and its so tiring but i HAVE TO KNOW

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