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You're a slave to a page in my rhyme book


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I looked to see if we had a random topic for assorted poetry that may or may not warrant its own thread. I don't write long material typically, and the majority of it rhymes because that's how my muse functions and I enjoy word play. Thought I'd throw out some random short poetry for the masses. I have a couple longer ones that I may make a thread for later.


Feel free to comment positively or negatively, and share some of your own work if you please. Not all poetry has to rhyme, so if you have anything that could qualify then toss it up.






today we feast in pleasure

on the rotting blood of foes

tomorrow sees us burning

homes lived in by hearts of woe

the snake inside reveals its pride

upon the earthly knoll

where once hid shame decries its name

and vengeance takes its toll

tonight we feast in torment

for the dreams crushed in our wakes

we sought the love of lordship

but ensnared were we by snakes

the frothy lust is tempting

when the heart lies dead asleep

in silence lies our souls' contempt

for promise in the deep

today we starve ourselves of joy

to merit sins of old

in hope to learn our heart's true weight

before its blood runs cold






Knelt here before your mighty hand,

whose word makes law of thought,

enraptured, held in humblest bow,

in seek of mercy wrought.

From 'neath your fist the holy blade

drips red with heresy.

Imposing swift atonement on

the wicked minds of we-

unworthy beasts in need of faith,

with sinful pagan hearts.

Defying God we wholly earn

the justice He imparts.

Cleanse the wicked in our souls,

respite our temptations.

Cast your heav'nly sword on us in

righteous damnation.






We all are addicts. We all are fiends.

We all are conquered by subconscious means.

We all are weak, and we all are slaves.

We all are meek and dig our own graves.

We all are strung out. We all have vices.

We all succumb to sardonic devices.

We all are scornful. We all are cynics.

We all are angry. We all are critics.

We all have soul mates. We all can't find them.

We all feel empty, alone when the lights dim.

We all have rage buried deep down inside us.

We all are lost and want someone to guide us.

We all are broken. We all want closure.

We all have love in us god cannot measure.

We all are lonely and seek out affection.

We all are scattered in every direction.






softly sing ye from the cellar

songs of saints and dark cave dwellers

myths and monsters drawn by praises

as clouds drift through long moon phases

echoes dance off hallway paintings

sounds that see young angels fainting

softly sing thee from the cellar

melodies soar interstellar





I have lots more but I'll share them later. What have you got?


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I was thinking of starting a poem topic up but you've beat me to it. wink.gif


Ill definitely make a contribution to this thread as I was working on some stuff to post in the story section.


Will post as soon as its done.




Sorry I havenet read your poems properly yet will post a comment but I want to fully digest before coming to an opinion. monocle.gif

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Here goes mine (one of the many) :


At my first glimpse of you

The world seemed new

There were only a few

Who were like you


For moments I stared

Into your blistering eyes

Some thoughts I shared

Along with some lies

In my mind of hopes


Lonely nights I spent awake

Waiting for you to take

Over my mind of good hopes

Waiting in the line of dopes


I hope there's place for me

In your lonely heart

Through which I can see

That we're worlds apart


I wish I could tell you

But it won't be right

Only if you knew

What I felt at first sight


Many nights awake I lie

Hoping for me to die

Because I thought I lost you

Those nights were not few


I wish I could touch your heart

And feel what you feel about me

I hope I can place the dart

In the bullseye of a sea


Many sights blurred I see

It was because of she

Coming into my lonely life,

Dragging me into it.


I still think that you care for me

For which I hope I'm right

I hope I could say 'We'

The next time I set my light



It's only you I dream of

It's only because of you I laugh

It's only you why I cry

It's only you whom with I die

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bit of an obscure topic title isn't it?


I'm a big supporters of poetry on here. It's not that common and not that widely liked, so instant cookies to whoever uploads any.


The problem with such a concept though is people post their work, and it gets lost in the topic. Might i suggest creating a table in your first post, showing members' names, the title of their work, and a link to their post, so anyone can instantly click and read?


If anyone wants to check my poetry out, click in my sig, it's been posted once and it's against the rules to repeat-post i believe.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Click here to view my Poetry

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