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GTA IV without disc and stability

David McMahon

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David McMahon

Hello been lurking these forums a few days now! smile.gif


I have been playing my bro's GTA IV on the PS3 for a while and have just completed it, I see the PC version has lots more tricks and a healthy modding community so as the game is lot cheaper now, would like to get the PC version


I am worried though


1, I see people can't use it without CD-Cracks (I don't want any disc in my drive as I don't want to creat unneeded wear on the disc or drive (indeed my bro's PS3 GTA disc is getting worn) If I can legally play the game without the disc then great!


2, I see people have problems with the "social club" and I'm worried I'll be one of them, basically is the game stable by now? Will my crappy 1mb internet connection be enough? If my bro starts watching will be "SC" connection fail and kick me out?


3, I see people have general errors playing GTA IV, so I wonder if the game is now "stable" with latest patches?


sorry if long winded, just worried about needing the disc in all the time and stability



**just crossed my mind, maybe if I get an eBay copy is it legal to use and play?**


**Also is it possible to sign in with windows live and SC to test before buying? I see lots of Amazon comment struggling with WL and SC

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The only legal way to get the PC version without the disc, is to buy the download version from either: Steam, D2D, Gamestop downloads, or Amazon downloads...This way no disc is needed to play, and the game is still moddable...I got the Steam version around the 21st of last month for only $12.42, and that was for GTA III, VC, SA, IV, TLAD, and TBOGT, as well as GTA 1 and 2...IV by itself was only like $5 and some change...If you wait until after Thanksgiving or closer to Christmas, Steam might have another big sale again...?


But, whether you decide to get the DVD version or one of the legal download versions, Happy gaming. smile.gif

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Cracks are sometimes needed cause of securom problems, that's not a rule though. Just happens sometimes.


GFLW and RGSC can cause problems at times, probably due to problematic .net installation or whatever else. You can always install the GFWL client and the marketplace to check if it at least start normally on your system.


My personal opinion is that the game can't be considered stable and hassle free at this moment. The number of issues varies a lot from system to system.


You should definitively post your PC configuration prior to making any purchase.

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friendly luggage

I would recommend the DVD version or the steam. I wouldn't buy a second hand DVD version because you need to enter the code to play the game and if the last person who had it didn't revoke the code. Well you won't be able to play, unless you know...

Post your computer specs and we'll give you an idea of how GTA IV or EFLC will run wink.gif

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