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Jack Prinston's live


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Jack lives in San Francisco and long time he faithing agaistan gracia.Jack and mr.Anderson are faind new friends and they know who won gracia 1992.

It was CJ.Jack wants help of CJ,but CJ is in Los santon so,he can't help them.When gracia's main base in SF destroed of Jack and his friends,mr.Anderson Jackson,Ben and Joe are die.

Jack going to Liberty city and continiou fight agaistan Gracia.In marcho's bistro,Jack mett with CJ,and with CJ he going to Claude's place,but Claude isn't there! Where is he?

CJ,Jack and Leone are fighting strong agistan gracia but is very hard.When CJ got out of LC and come to LS,Jack are came to VC Where was Lukas Ray.Jack work for him,but Ray want 5 jobs of Jack

not more.So Ray tould his guards to kill Jack.Later Jack woke up in hospital and...phone ring...It was Ray on the phone and tould Jack this: Ray:Jack i get you money for this and go home in your SF...

Tommy Vercetti is not here to help Jack,Tommy and Claude are mising,so Jack take things in his hands....



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Main Characters:


Name: Jack Prinston

Age: 27

Status: Player


Name: Anderson Jackson

Age: 44

Status: friend


Name: Ben

Age: 32

Status: Friend


Name: Joe

Age: 29

Status: friend


Name: Carl Jonshon

Age: 35

Status: friend


Name: ??? (mr.Leone)

Age: 56

Status: friend


Name: Martinez

Age: 28

Status: enemy


Name: Richardo

Age: 40

Status: enemy


Name: Lukas Ray

Age: 52

Status: friend later enemy




Name: Gracia

People: over 574

Places: Italia,LC,SF,VC

Boss: Ricardo



People: over 436

Places: Russia,LC,LS,VC

Boss: ???


Name: Ballas

People: 152

Places: LS

Boss: ???


Name: Vagos

People: 128

Places: LS

Boss: Dead


Name: Grove street families

People: over 72

Boss: Carl Jonshon and Sweet




This story is on the chapters.For chapter 2 and 3 need GTA United mod,for chapters 1 and 4 is only GTA SA.


Chapter 1 (8 missions) only GTA SA

Chapter 2 (12 missions) for GTA united

Chapter 3 (5 missions) for GTA united

Chapter 4 (23 missions) only GTA SA




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Time happening:


GTA San Francisco 1993

GTA Liberty City 1994-1995

GTA Problem in Vice City 1995

GTA Jack in Los Santos 1995-1996

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I get that using Notepad++ in some times.

Sorry. I'am used GTA IV gxt he's cool,have more!

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