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Plain white, untextured female ped.


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I installed a clean version of the game and put a few mods in last night. I used the detailed radar mod, Klumb3rs wheel pack, the nude stripper mod, the grove girl mod and a few of the shorter skirt textures for the female peds. When I started the game I find one of the female peds is plain white.


I think its either the one in the light blue tracksuit and sunhat or the one with the black jersey with the purple number 31 and rasta type hat. Anyone know the names for these peds so I can try replacing them in the gta3.img?


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch but the problem remains. In fact when I reinstall all the mods I used are still there. How do I get rid of the game completely and reinstall fresh? Do I need to delete the user files folder as well?

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Deleting the user files folder should not be necessary. But you do need to make sure that C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas is completely deleted after un-installing with your configuration screen.

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Have managed to fix the problem. Downloaded the pededitor and used it to find the one causing the problem and changed it back to the original .dff and .txd.

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