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PS3 savegame download


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For those who will hate on me, I have a valid reason to want a savegame. 6-8 months ago I received a YLOD on the PS3 fat and decided to buy a slim. As expected, my savegames from all my games were wiped and I had to start over. I have been on GTAF's download section and downloaded an Australian version (where I am from) of GTA IV savegame. I downloaded and saved it onto a USB but I can't seem to find it anywhere on my PS3.


I now play GTA IV online against friends so I didn't need to storyline until now as my friends have stopped playing for months.


Is it like updating the PS3 firmware offline; putting it into set folders?


Cheers in advanced! tounge.gif

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To install save properly on PS3 you must create catalogs like this:


PS3/SAVEDATA/catalog which name is individual for every game and contains BLES/BCE number and game name. You have to check this for yourself, because unfortunately I don't have saves from GTA on my computer. Note also that PS3 can be very fussy about the saves and some of them just won't work, because were created on other console. I don't know if this is the case with GTA IV saves.

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It doesn't seem to work. It says the savegame is not mine and loads "story complete" then switches to "the cousins Bellic" which is the first mission. I am not passing the game again, it took long for me.


Is there any other way...? I really just want to play normal GTA...without missions and I want everything such as areas unlocked.

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