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Errors compiling main.scm


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Are you definitely sure it's a clean install? Have you tried completely uninstalling the game, which includes manually deleting the game folder? Is User Account Control turned off?

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Yes, it's a very clean install.

And UAC is turned off right after I installed Vista since it's an annoying feature.

I deleted everything related to SA files, even gta_sa.set.

Still no luck.

And, I copied the SA folder on my XP machine wich doesn't crash on XP, while it does on Vista.


Yes, I know, it's sounds very very bizar and un-understandable bored.gif

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Excuse me please for the bump.


Spaceeinstein, would you please remove the missions 136-164?

Then I don't have any other requests no more.

I would appreciate it very much.


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That file has the non essential missions removed. There are essential missions that can break certain features in the mod so I didn't remove those.

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Ok, I understand.

Anyway, there is nothing that can be fixed to solve the crashes.

The only thing I can do is remembering the area's and avoid them next time when on Vista.


Thank you for your help and work smile.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for bumping this topic.


I'm having crashes in the mission 37 Families Reuniting.

When the car reaches the place where the carwash is, came keeps crashing at that area.

Tried the AllinOneStripped version, still crash.

I don't have any clue.


So it's ruining the fun and mood to play SA.

Is it possible to have Modshop and Multimod as cleo version?

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You are thinking the mod in extremely generalized chunks. The MultiMod is just one feature, but a feature with hundreds (maybe thousands I forget) of lines of codes. Ever wonder why there is nothing equivalent to something like this out there? No one bothered to recreate something that is already done and no one bothered to strip something as massive as that, except me when I stripped out Barton Waterduck's MultiMod code. Having that compatible with CLEO, I can bet with assurance that no one in the world will use their time to do this, not even me, unless they get compensated for their work. There is a phrase called practically impossible. Even if nothing is impossible, there are things in which no one would want to be bothered to figure out how to make that thing possible.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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Too bad.

What about the Real-Time/Weather Control, Headlights and Engine Operations and Super Brake mod?

I mean, when applied Real-Time, you can choose the weather yourself.

That's what I needed and the Maximum Wanted Level up to 3.

I want to keep the game with Real-Time/Weather Control, Headlights and Engine Operations, Super Brake less Maximum Wanted level.

Seeing tanks and sh*t all over the place, not my thing.


Then I'm done with these often crashing problems.

So I can play with the original main.scm without being afraid of the crashes.



Edited by Jacko427
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