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*cough* ehm.....hello dude...i want to ask for help...i'm dumb at scripting..i want to edit main.scm ..but there s always an error compiling the main scm..even with editing main.scm from sanga mod or other source (not original from the game) i still get an error message like "modlabel error" or "this label redeclared..blah blah ". so i think i start studying cleo mod...but..(i dont know a thing about this "label" , "jump",blah blah thing devil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif )..so i think i ll edit someone s mod (not posting it devil.gif ) angry.gif but i think i ll only change a keypress (like activate this mod by pressing "U") example
00D6: if 0AB0:   key_pressed 85

but i dont know how keypress works..("what is the code for letter "G" or what is the code if you want to activate the mod by using 2 letter pressed at once?? ex:press R & G at same time and what is the code to activate a mod by pressing certain words..and show "cheat activated" or something like that) mad.gif so if you plsss show me how keypress works and give me some good tutorial for scripting cleo mods.. ph34r.gif .Sorry for my dumbness suicidal.gif

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