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I'm useless with graphics still and dont even have photoshop, could someone possibly make me a sig which says...




Could you make the colours red, black and white with a nice gothic skyrim kind of font. Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks icon14.gif.



edit: Would it be possible to use this picture but take out the "NO, F**K YOU!" and replace it with "I AM DRAGONBORN!", if you could make the colour of the lettering red and the change the current blue surround to a different shade of red, that would be f*cking awesome.


user posted image

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user posted image




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Cult Of Personality
Thanks for the effort ManDog but its not what I asked for confused.gif.

What you're asking for is pretty hard, only a few people around here could probably do it so be patient my brotha. icon14.gif

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Thanks everyone for the effort, its really appreciated but Narcis hit the nail on the head smile.gif. Thanks man icon14.gif.




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