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Why The Actor Sean Faris Isn't Famous Anymore?


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Of the new actors, I think he is the hottest! After Never Back Down, I thought he was going to be like those young actors like Chris Evans or Robert Pattinson (or even better), but now he only does SUPER CRAPPY movies! I don't understand why, he is talented and beautiful! Maybe it's because he doesn't do casting couch? He is also very friendly! Well, at least Eletronic Arts gave a chance to him and made him the protagonist of the new Need For Speed, but I would rather Rockstar hire him to do Claude Speed (not that I don't like Scott Maslen..........) He is perfect!! sad.gif


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It's probably because the actress who shares his namesake ruins any chance he has of being taken seriously. When I hear his name the first thing I think of is her.


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You mean Anna Faris? But they don't even look like each other! I doubt it is it! I think it's because he refuses to do "casting couch". Did you know he was going to play Edward Cullen from Twilight? Why didn't he play? Maybe because he doesn't do the gross things Robert Pattinson does! cry.gif

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Um his upcoming movies:


2011 Freerunner Ryan (post-production)

2011 The Wolf Joey Dallriva (announced)

2012 Amsterdam Caden (pre-production)

2012 Stash House (film) David Nash (filming)


Very recent:



2001 Twisted Fernando Castillo

2001 Pearl Harbor Extra

2001 The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks John Van Owen Direct-to-video

2002 House Blend Chris Reed

2004 Sleepover Steve Phillips

2005 Yours, Mine, and Ours William Beardsley

2008 Manifest Destiny Josh Short film

2008 Never Back Down Jake Tyler

2008 Forever Strong Rick Penning

2010 Brooklyn to Manhattan Logan

2010 The King of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi



Hes still famous. icon14.gif


Jonathan taylor thomas has barley acted since the best show ever, home improvement went off air and hes still famous.

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ccrogers15 the last movies he starred are all low budget and awful!

Pandazoot he seems to be good friends with his agent, but I think his agent don't think so lol.gif He is only doing bad movies! And he seems to be sad about the movie industry, check this article: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/...shooting-in-la/

I really don't understand why he doesn't make success? He is down-to-earth, gorgeous and talented! But they only give crappy movies to him!

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