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ps3 gtaiv problems


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Can any one help me to figure out why my GTA keeps freezing?

I've never had trouble with any other game on my ps3 but every time I try to play GTA IV it just freezes.

Some times It freezes as soon as it loads and other times i can play for 30-45 Mins but it also freezes my ps3 completely

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Maybe the GTA IV CD is broken..my suggestion,try to buy new GTA IV CD if you still want to play on PS3! biggrin.gif

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Its brand new and it works fine on my dads ps3.

Just trying to get a copy of GTA IV complete but I just can't bring my self to pay £35 for it when gamestation advertise it for £15


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I know some games freeze my friends PS3, we never figured why confused.gif It's probably some hardware fault that pops up random times, probably more probable to happen under heavier load.

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