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MP GANG Request


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I'm creating a Mafia gang that goes by the name of, 'The Royal Kings of Liberty' and the tag for the Gang is [RKL]. The gang is based back around 1980's.

So the font should be all at mind kinda mystic. I need a logo which says The Royal Kings of Liberty and has a background of an Infinite sign and a Mystical dagger type or something visible in the "Royal Kings of Liberty" text, probably a banner type.

The header's should be, There are couple of headers.

The header's could be a bit shorter in text. The headers are, The History Of Royal Kings which should be done first.

The font for all of these should be black with silver high lighting a particular letter.


Headers include: 'History, Introduction, Members, Territory, Rules, Application, Training, Our Games, Weapons, Vehicles, Allies

Enemies, Avatars and Signatures' with the RKL initials the ones from GTA V trailer and maybe EFLC. That all would be much appreciated.


Could the map please be like a random territory map of GTA TBOGT Showing a few random areas mainly in Broker district as territories.


But different in it's own way. Can the following locations be colored in orange, 'South Bohan, Little Bay, industrial area, The South Side of

Algonquin. (where the helicopter tours are. Finally a pip sized image an animated image showing an Infinite symbol at its background in visible silver text and the RKL text on it animated.

That's all for the moment. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Thanks a million. This made my day. Could you make the sigs? As for pip make it using the Infinite sign like the banner and the RKL initials being animated.

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user posted image






Animated avatars tomarow!! biggrin.gif

Yeah fine. Thanks again. I will wait for the others.

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These are great man. Please make a few more ones. Can you put the avatars to a few backgrounds?

Also include some GTA IV sigs.

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