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Need help removing some thing


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As the title says, I need help removing some things from Spaceeinstein's all in one mod for GTA SA.

It's the red sphere spawned at the phones.

I want them removed, but I don't know how.

Each time I compile, I got many errors and I do not have any experience about them.

I just don't have any clue why I get errors.

So, could anyone please remove them?


These are the things I want them removed:



Pizza Cake


Big Bank Job

Get Gama Rei

Follow That Traitor

Get Zitzaki

Swat Van Swipe

The Thieves

The Wife

Her Lover


It's this mod:



Any help would be very appreciated smile.gif

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Do you want simply the red spheres removed or do you want the whole missions scrapped?

Simply the red spheres and these whole missions scrapped

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Remove the mission triggers.

Will you explain that?

What are the mission triggers and where can I find them?



The reason why I want them removed is because the game crash at certain positions.

For an example, if I fly or drive under a red bridge, the game will crash.

And there are many spots wich cause the game crash.

I can't enjoy the game if it keeps crashing at certain spots.


I have tried the 1.7.1 version, that version have not the mentioned missions,

the game runs without crashes at certain spots.

I even tried to drive under the red bridge, it didn't crashed.

And some other spots I remember wich caused crash, didn't crash.

However, the 1.7.1 version is a bit unrealistic.

I see some workers walking down the street with bazooka and some other average man is walking with a rifle.

And I saw a girl carrying a Desert Deagle gun.

The key presses are different too.

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Visit here for tutorial links and gain some basic experience with SCM coding.


After that, it's pretty much a matter of finding where the missions are initialized and removing those as well as the missions themselves (this should be explained in the tutorials).


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