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the problem with "can my pc run it?"


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i have notice with the rash of can my pc run it comes from 2 things. 1. people not knowing about computers. 2. people hearing how superior a pc version is to console games.


so we end up with a bunch of people that know nothing about pc's, have a basic 4 yr old media pc, and expect that like a console you can throw a disk in and play. they then end up here and whine and argue when we tell their computer is garbage. so they come to us knowing nothing, yet yell at us when we tell them how things are. most of those people wont even know how to properly change the parts, so instead of admitting this they tell us how wrong we are.


now i have a challenge to many of you that have been here for years, who knew me as VioMeTriX, and who honestly know there stuff. i dont want anyone who supposedly knows and is wrong. How can we combat this issue? how can we still support the community and curb this trend. there are like 50 topics a day on this, yet instead of reading them people will post a new thinking they are special - we have a pinned topic already that covers our general wealth of knowledge. so i am aiming to hear from our veterans out there, what can we do to make things better as a whole? what can we do to curb this trend? im tired of getting frustrated at people i feel are brainless and yelling, so help me to take a different approach in acheiving results much faster and cleaner for people.


by the way, excuse my title - i was going for something else then tried to turn it into a positive

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Excellent post, mate! IMHO anyone who posts these kind of crappy threads must receive a warning, and then a lock. An additional sticky topic making it clear that creating such threads isn't allowed, wouldn't hurt either. What do you think, VioMeTriX?

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i would agree to a degree. there are a few recent posts from people (i wont name names) that have had membership for a year or more then come in posting these threads, after knowing and seeing all the problems they really cause. these are the people that should in my opinion recieve a lock and a 24 hr posting ban.


i think we also need a can my pc run it specifically for the people that dont want to go to the gamers test thread.

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