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Locked out of my old account


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.. seeing as I PM'd three admins and not a single one answered back. Step it up, you utter cretins.


Anyway, my previous account was The Killa. A while ago I changed my password to something utterly confusing (as I usually do with all accounts) without writing it down like an idiot. Shortly after, I cleared my internet data and with it I forgot my GTAF password. So I figured "right no problem I'll just reset it"


Turns out the account that it's registered to, a very old hotmail account, is no longer accessible. Yes that is correct, hotmail will pretty much make your account permanently inaccessible if you haven't logged in to it for a large amount of time - which is what happened to me.


Ergo, I can't get into my account with a forgotten password and an email account I can't even access.


So, is it possible an admin can reset the email associated with the account to a new one, or be able to reset the password at any chance? Or am I relegated to waving goodbye to my 2002 account? sad.gif

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Suction Testicle Man

PM me with a new email address and I'll reset it for you - bare in mind it can't be one already registered to an account.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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