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How To improve TrafficLoad working?


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Hi. Im useing TrafficLoad - it seems like the best traffic spawner/taxi bug killer i tried - work just grate but like a lot of other guys the game crash after some time of playing. Im useing 8gb ram ( 1gb graph card ) And what should i change to make a game stable? Vehicle density in game ( now is set to full ) or something in TrficLoad.ini ( default ) ? I want to make game stable but still useing highest of the options as it possible.

Maybe there are better working traffic spawner/ taxi bug patcher who dont need a more than 8gb of memory XD

I replaced around 70 cars in the game.

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Reduce the CarsPerCycle to 10-ish or lower and move around. Staying at one place for 2 minutes will make you crash.


About the CarsPerCycle, ignore what the creator of the mod said. Pity him, he doesn't even know what his own mod does. confused.gif

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Its weird cos it seems like u r the creator of a mod. Anyway thx for answer. I'll try with CarsPerCycle set at 10

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