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Why do people think it's a new era already?


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New numbers=New era, new cannon.

It's not that hard to understand.

Because you know exactly what your talking about?


It's not that hard to understand, things can change.

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new number in series usually mean new era, but game is made on same engine with a little bit improved graphics.........and if the dont include MotionScan i think GTAV will remain in IV era

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I highly doubt that Grand Theft Auto V will be an entirely new era despite the game being called "Grand Theft Auto V" and not "Grand Theft Auto: *Place Name*". I can probably see some of the characters in Grand Theft Auto IV making cameos in Grand Theft Auto V. Also, as already mentioned; there doesn't need to be any consistency between a new Grand Theft Auto game being in a new cannons (era) and new Grand Theft Auto game being in an existing cannon.


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I see GTA V as the first true sequel to a GTA game, that being IV. GTA III never had a sequel. Only prequels. VC was the sequel to VCS, and San Andreas was the sequel to Vice City, then LCS was the sequel to San Andreas, then lastly GTA Advance was the sequel to LCS... then follows GTA III.


GTA V will be the first GTA to bring the series FORWARD instead of BACKWARDS. Not meaning its a start to a new "universe" as I like to call it.

Good point.


I think the number thing is bullsh*t.


There are really 2 creative eras in GTA: The top-down/David Jones era (GTA 1/London/2, no continuity), and the 3D/Houser Bros. era (GTA III on) which has two sub-eras within it: the PS2 era and the HD era.


The numbers IV and V retroactively count the number of GTA game words created in the 3D/Houser era: Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas in the PS2 era, and Liberty City and Los Santos in the HD era.


I don't think there's going to be a break in continuity between IV and V. There's no reason for it.

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