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GTA:San Andreas Hiding traffic cars.


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Hello everybody,first,sorry for my bad english.


I just open this topic,for teach anyone who still dont know how to make some cars unique,that dont appears in traffic.

My point of view is,when you install a mod that is an exclusive or unique car,(Tuned,Limited Edition,Historic,Race Cars,exclusive supersports like Pagani Zonda Cinque,..)you have to prevent it to spawn as traffic,its so lame if it appears 2 or 3 times in some seconds,you think?


Now you can prevent your unique cars to spawn as traffic,and make it really unique,like the "Phoenix".


Its an pretty easy way,that anyone can do.


Lets go to the job!


1- Open the cargrp.dat (Located on /Rockstar Games/GTA:San Andreas/Data) with notepad.

2- You can see a lot of car names.

3- Search,found,and delete the ones that corresponds your mod.


Ex: The replaced car was the "ELEGY",so,locate,and delete all "ELEGY" names on this file,then save it.


4- Done! Now you can't see your car in traffic.


Note: Its recommended to keep the right spaces from names,like this ex: (turismo, hustler, bullet, buffalo, stretch, cabbie, ..)


You can do it with every car that you want.


I didn't found any bugs atm,but if you found,let us know about it,ok?


I hope this post has been helpful to you,and hope you enjoyed it!



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It also works another way around, you can make rare cars, like Hotring Racer, to spawn on the streets when done in reverse.


But remember one thing:


1. Open vehicles.ide, located in same folder as cargrp.dat

2. Find the line of the vehicle you want to modify

3. Eight word on the line means the category it belongs to, if set to "ignore", then the car will only spawn if spawned by a script.

4. Nineth digit from the left is the frequence of the vehicle spawning, 0 for rare and 10 for common.



I hope this helps you to improve your tutorial. (Requested moving)

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I was look for this by a long time,I mean,the values of spawn frequence,this way is really better,

Sorry my bad english,thanks a lot friend! biggrin.gificon14.gif


EDIT: When you put in nineth word,"0",the car still can be spawned,or not?

By the way,whats the value of the area thats the car spawn?

I mean,"where a certain car can be spawned"..

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Setting nineth digit to "0" will still spawn the car, but it'll spawn extremely rarely. It'll spawn but it takes really long time and right area.


And, areas where the cars are spawning are defined by combination of following: cargrp.dat, vehicles.ide and popcycle.dat.



To make, for example Turismo to spawn on countryside, you have following options:

Method 1. Change car-group to more common group, only affects Turismo. (Modify Cargrp.dat and Vehicles.ide)

Method 2. Change car-density on specific area for specific group of cars, affects many other cars. (Modify Popcycle.dat)


I can explain it a bit more accurately soon, maybe tomorrow.

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Got it,so,I will try it today and see what I can do,im really happy to know how it works,

Thanks a lot man! biggrin.gif

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tested . and compatible with gta v hud. i change to normal


because there are problem with gta v hud , gta v hud didn't show any vehicle name if the car has been ignore

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