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11 years of GTAForums...


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Updated for 2012.

Happy birthday GTAForums!

GTAF History
Year Event
* May 1, 1976: Forum legend, illspirit joined the forums. orly.gif
* April, 2001: First forums opened
* October 19, 2001: Grand Theft Auto III released.
* November 2, 2001: The Great Crash The forum is out of operation for nearly a week.
* November 8, 2001: Forum re-opened on new server. However, all forum data and statistics from prior to the crash were not retained.
* November 2001: A forum hysteria surrounds Grand Theft Auto III's mysterious Darkel character.
* November ?, 2001: First gang section was opened, as tons of gangs were created, including Mafia Inc as the first.
* December 1, 2001: $outh $ide Hoodz is founded, the oldest official gang up to date.
* December 8, 2001: Stuf92 is 'banned for life' after a legendary spamming spree.
* April 25, 2002: Forum renamed to GTA3Forums.com
* June 19, 2002: Andolini Mafia Family and Leone Family Mafia were created.
* July 7, 2002: A forum legend now known as Sauron joined the forums.
* August 15, 2002: Three new Moderators added: BroDan, OBrien97 and Raindancer.
* September 16, 2002: The Precinct was created.
* October 24, 2002: Two new skins and a new forum added.
* October 29, 2002: Grand Theft Auto Vice City released.
* December 8, 2002: General Chat and Gaming Chat to be merged. Didn't happen though.
* January 21, 2003: New Moderators (jllr, Cerbera, EMPD and MyMothersMySister)
* January 30, 2003: New Moderator, Azkoyen
* March 26, 2003: April Fools 2003 prank, staff ''fight''.
* July 10, 2003: Forum converted from Ikonboard to Invision Power Board
* July 14, 2003: The Connection, also know as NYCC, was created.
* September 6, 2003: New Moderators (Mr. Miffusle, fred and uzer_errors)
* September 17, 2003: Feroci Racing was created.
* October 7, 2003: New Moderator (Akyra)
* October 9, 2003: Another Moderator (Wheelman) MyMothersMySister promoted to Administrator.
* October 27, 2003: Cerbera fired from Moderator position.
* December 8, 2003: New Forum Skins added (#Cake) and Premiere of the Xmas Skin.
* December 31, 2003: Network Relaunch and GTAForums Skin 2004 added (new official GTAF Skin)
* January 1, 2004: Forum Awards 2003 opened.
* January 8, 2004: Forum Awards 2003 results announced.
* March 4, 2004: New Moderator, Purple9.
* April 1, 2004: April Fools 2004, hashcake ''hacking''
* May 5, 2004: Demarest promoted to Moderator
* June 24, 2004: Forums closed due to ''Forum War''
* June 28, 2004: Forums re-opened. Warning Stars removed, The Pit™ closed forever.
* July 6, 2004: GTANet presents partnerships with PlanetGrandTheftAuto and GTA Scraper.
* July 11, 2004: San Andreas Skin added.
* August 11, 2004: Opius added as a Moderator
* September 15, 2004: PM Spaces upgraded to 250 Messages
* October 1, 2004: GTAF admin accounts were hacked.
* October 22, 2004: GTA3Freak-2001 added as a Moderator.
* October 26, 2004: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas released.
* November 4, 2004: 50.000 registered members reached.
* November 18, 2004: Forum Awards 2004 Nominations started.
* December 17 2004: GTANet IRC Official Launch.
* December 25, 2004: 40ozFreak(Forty) added as a Moderator.
* January 9, 2005: Demarest banned by illspirit, before he reached 30,000 posts.
* January 9, 2005: Forum Awards 2004 Results posted.
* January 21, 2005: NYCC Skin added.
* February 19, 2005: Barguast and Dalpura added to the Moderators.
* February 24, 2005: Cerbera-Conventional Skin added by illspirit.
* March 20, 2005: Azkoyen announced 2 New Hacks, the Topic Search Feature and the Topic Rating Feature.
* March 24, 2005: GT-1 added to the Moderators Team
* March 28, 2005: Barguast released a program to easily create and edit tables using the GTAForums specific code.
* April 1, 2005: April Fools 2005 prank.
* April 4, 2005: Zaibatsu was formed.
* May 1, 2005: PatrickW's Firefox GTAF Extension released
* June 5, 2005: GTAGarage opened.
* June 9, 2005: PatrickW releases the Hot Coffee mod; anarchy ensues.
* June 20, 2005: adamcs added to the Administration
* July 3, 2005: steve-m let the forums know of the death of ODIE.
* July 23, 2005: GTAForums Euro Meetup 2005
* September 3, 2005: Cerbwang posted causing mass hysteria and bans.
* September 19, 2005: GTAF ''attacked'' by ''forum pirates''
* October 4, 2005: Luke was added to the Moderators Team.
* October 25, 2005: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories released, later ported to PS2, and main site launched.
* December 12, 2005: GTAModding Wiki released.
* January 22, 2006: Forum Awards 2005 Polls opened.
* February 25, 2006: GTAF Radio Pilot episode released.
* April 2, 2006: Forum Awards 2005 Results released.
* April 21, 2006: grandtheftautowiki started by anuj and Johnny Tightlips(Zak.)
* May 4, 2006 A forum homosexual known as Vacuumo edited the infamous Sauron out of Forum Events, what a douche.
* July 22, 2006 Last ''Official Gang Race'' begins - Victory claimed by Zaibatsu
* July 23, 2006: GTAForums Euro Meetup 2006
* July 26, 2006: Major Forum re-launch (V2) announced by Tank
* August 6, 2006: Medal Designing competition started.
* October 31, 2006: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories released.
* December 11, 2006: Kutthroat passed away; gtawiki page had a small marking in his memory added.
* February, 2007: Last mods and hacks for GTA games by edisoncarter released.
* March 9, 2007: Public Gang Chat closed permanently...7 Official Gangs kept their private forum and pip.
* March ?, 2007: A couple of notable forum suicides upon the closure of PGC.
* March? 27, 2007: First trailer for GTA IV released, as record number of visitors flooded the forum, hurting the hamsters.
* June ?, 2007: Search function was disabled permanently to help ease the server capacity.
* September ?, 2007: Constant server crashes, including 502 and 504 gateway errors.
* September ?, 2007: Mercie, jelly, Waddy, Justin and Svip all promoted as moderators.
* October ?, 2007: Karma stars system removed. They were replaced by gold, silver and bronze medals.
* October 15-25, 2007: Forum moved to a new server, all the errors were gone, and Search was brought back.
* January 24, 2008: GTAForums Euro Meetup 2008
* February 28, 2008: Forum Awards 2007 Nominations opened, after a year pause as 2006 awards were scrapped.
* March ?, 2008: Unofficial gang section reopened upon the announcement of GTA IV multiplayer.
* March 9-30, 2008: Major gangs such as The Yardies, Angels of Death MC, and many others all created.
* April, 2008: April Fools 2008, GTAF being sold to EA.
* April 20, 2008: Forum Awards 2007 Results.
* April 16, 2008: Bald chikens need no plucking...
* April 27/28, 2008: GTAF SA:MP Server closed, after an official goodbye meet.
* April 28, 2008: Grand Theft Auto IV released, as 3,016 people visited, GTAF making it a new record high.
* August 5, 2008: GTAF Newsletter started
* August 22, 2008: Two members hacked, as the staff disabled BB codes and clickable links for a couple of months.
* August 28, 2008: Mark's Russian Roulette 10,000 posts milestone.
* September ?, 2008: PIP's(group icons for Official Gangs) were removed.
* October, 2008: Ottae promoted to the Moderators group.
* November 24, 2008: STM promoted to Administrators group.
* January ??, 2009: GTAForums Euro Meetup 2009
* January 12, 2009: Forum Awards 2008 Nominations opened
* February 19, 2009: Grand Theft Auto Lost and Damned released on 360
* February 22, 2009: Forum Awards 2008 Results.
* March 1, 2009: STM added a new feature; Ability to link GTAGarage mods to a GTAForums topic.
* April, 2009: April Fools 2009
* May 12, 2009: Multiplay Monitor started.
* September 2009: Events section created.
* September 9, 2009: Dutchy3010 became a new moderator.
* October 1, 2009: PatrickW was added as a moderator, as well as Andrew(Gangsta Killa)
* October 29, 2009: Grand Theft Auto Ballad of Gay Tony released on 360, ported to PS3 and PC in 2010 with LaD.
* December 27, 2009: GTAF Gang League 2009 ended; Top 3 places, The European Connection, The Yardies, The Exiles
* January 11, 2010: GTAForums Euro Meetup 2010
* March 6, 2010: Forum Awards 2009 Nominations opened.
* Jan, 2010: Forum legend, Slamman was banned.
* April, 2010: April Fools 2010
* May 17, 2010: Forum Awards 2009 Results
* Jun 3, 2010: GoDK's prank milestone
* Jul 29, 2010: Where is the Blue started, as admins had fun with the renamed GTA V forum(from GTA NeXT)
* October 21, 2010: Parcel Force became an official gang, as Feroci Racing died.
* December 27, 2010: GTAF Gang League 2010 ended; Top 3 places, The Yardies, The European Connection, D1RTY12
* January 2, 2011: Forum Awards 2010 Nominations
* January ?, 2011: Mario passed away.
* March 29, 2011: Forum Awards 2010 Results
* April ?, 2011: Staff groups were split into Network Admins, Forum Admins and Moderators.
* April ?, 2011: Waddy, jelly and Andrew promoted to Forum Admins.
* May, 2011: GTAF Minecraft Server opened
* May/June/July/August, 2011: Mufc-Champs, Radcliffers, Beliebers, and more similar happened.
* July, 2011: Girish, Craig and Moonshield became new moderators, to help prevent a few spammers.
* July 9, 2011: Genesis was started, later becoming the biggest topic in V section ever.
* Jun 20, 2011: adamcs updated the default skin with the IV/LaD/BoGT additions to the banner.
* September ?, 2011: Pranks on Slamman, as his post count was reset to -9,999. Pranks on cidamelo too, and massive OGA name changes happened.
* August 28, 2011: Girish became the second member, after Demarest to reach 30,000 posts on GTAF. Girish tushie lickers was a new member group added.
* October 8, 2011: adamcs informed the forum of the death of GTA3Freak-2001
* October 22, 2011: 10 years of GTA III release, as the game was announced for mobile devices.
* October 25, 2011: GTA V trailer announced, as gtav.net launched!
* November 2, 2011: Grand Theft Auto V trailer released, as a new forum record high of 6,238 people came to the forum and the servers held!
* November 3, 2011: GT-1 and Barguast came out of the retirement(Retired Staff group) to help moderate the forums.
* November 8, 2011: GTAForums reached 10 years of existence.
* November 24, 2011: GTAF Newsletter Issue 100 was released, and the publication ended afterwards.
* December 27, 2011: GTAF Gang League 2011 ended; Top 3 places, D1RTY12, The Yardies, Angels of Death MC
* January, 2012: Jay and meta187 received medals on their profiles, as forum led-by's gained a forum leader PIP visible on their profiles in forums they moderate.
* January-February, 2012: GTAF joined the battle against SOPA and PIPA bills.
* February, 2012: OGA tricked Jimmy, notorious PBM into him giving out screenshots of him.
* April 8, 2012: Forum Awards 2011 Nominations opened.
* April 28, 2012: Forum Awards 2011 Voting polls opened.
* May 12, 2012: Forum Awards 2011 Results revealed.
* June, 2012: PM space extended for everyone to 500 messages, plea to raise avatar size to 128x128 unsuccessful.
* July, 2012: Euro 2012 entertainment on forum, as a quiet no-news summer lowered the forum activity and raised the impatience a bit.
* July ?, 2012: Slamman got re-banned for life.
* June-August, 2012: More led-by's added to the GTA V section.
* September-October, 2012: Gay Jay for Mod 2012 as a parody during the US presidential campaign happened.
* October, 2012: GTAF Weekly was started.GTAF Weekly was started.
* October 8, 2012: 1 year since GTA3Freak-2001 passed away.
* October 25, 2012: 1 year after GTA V was announced, GTA V news, an artwork, finally surfaced!
* October 25 - November 7, 2012: GTA V news, leaks, artworks, #2 trailer announcement, and a Spring 2013 release date all revealed on a daily basis madness.
* October 29 - November 8, 2012: 10 years of GTA Vice City release, as the game was announced for mobile devices.
* November 8, 2012: 11 years of GTAForums reached, as the long awaited GameInformer with 18 pages of GTA V news was released.
* November 8, 2012: AS the GI scans were, GTAF and GTANET records were broken, 7319 on GTAF, over 12k on GTANET. The servers held yet again!






If you know or have, please share any links or info for the 2001-2012 events on GTAF that are not included in the timeline, as well as any noteworthy events that may have been long forgotten.

Thank you.

Edited by AndyGanteks
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Triple Penetration

Wait, I liked reading the history, but EA buying GTAF was a prank? I so thoroughly believed it!


And also didn't somebody shout about 10 years somewhen back in march?

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Happy Birthday. This forum has gotten me through a lot of game releases that I wouldn't have been able to handle.

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Only been here for 4 years but i did visit GTAforums back in the early 2000's when i ws obsessed with gta3. Feels so long ago

Congrats to everybody for making this forum great!

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Happy Birthday GTAForums!


@goin-god: check IVSA for answer to your issue.

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I think gotdk's epic milestone deserves a mention. That was beautiful.


Happeh berfday Guhtaff.

user posted image
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It's amazing to see this place going stronger than ever after a decade. I personally never believed this day would come. I figured the GTA series would have long since ended by now with little fanfare left on the intertubes. Gladly nothing could be further from the truth.


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wow happy birthday GTAF may you bring me another 7 years of happiness! it has been like watchin a baby grow over the years smile.gif sommetimes theres sh*t up walls and projectile vomit but at the end of the day you gotta inlove.gif GTAForums!



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Tracksuit Hitman

Wow. 10 years of GTAF, that's a long time. I wish I was here in the beginning years (2001-2003), then I could have seen for myself, the changes that the forum has been through. But, unfortunately I only knew about the forum a year ago, which is quite unfortunate, for me. But, I have to say. Even though I've only known about the forums for a year, I enjoy being a member here. It's a great forum, and a great community. Couldn't ask for a better internet forum.


So, here's to GTAF. A great milestone for a forum to have, a whole decade of being on the 'net. Tank's done a great job, and therefore so have the rest of the staff team. Yes, the staff team. GTAF have a great staff team. It's a great team, for a great forum. I guess Tank did a good job when he was picking out which members would become Mod's/Admin's. I'm sure a lot of people agree with me on that, too.


Now that GTAF's been here for 10 years, maybe we'll see V2 come along soon. One can only hope!

aka geobst

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This place really needs a premium membership.

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10 years already? My oh my how time flies;



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10 years of GTAforums, and I've been a member for half of them.


Formerly known as The General

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Hard to believe we're turning a decade old, it's almost surreal. We've gone through some big changes over the last few years, but it's good to see this place is still kicking and better than ever.


Here's to another ten, everyone.


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Happy Birthday GTAforums. A 10 year aniversay skin could have been nice. Are they hard to make? Wouldn't mind trying my hand at it.


Well, my 7th anniversary was 5 days ago and the 10 year anniversay this month is cool. Also with the release of the V trailer and everything else it's been a good time of late on the forums.


Here's to another 10 biggrin.gif



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Happy Birthday GTAF, the only forum that's worth my time! icon14.gif

There are other forums? monocle.gif

Unbelievable isn't it?


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Happy Birthday GTA Forums.


Thanks Tank, I guess tounge.gif

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* March ?, 2010: Slamman was banned.


One of the best days of the forums whatever day it was.


Anyways Habby Pirthday GTAF.


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