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I dont like san Francisco not in games i mean like everyone else said its got a boring vibe for some wierd reason. All it really offers is steep hills. Las Vegas is only really good for the electric power station the strip and gambling they can pretty much get all that in los santos anyway. I hope we go to the hood and do gangsta missions i hope this game isn't just the ''white la'' with a bunch of rich spoiled brats

Bro I'd hate to disappoint you but I think it is "white LA". They covered that ghetto in the hood gangsta lifestyle pretty well with San Andreas, and rockstar is known to try new things and scrap things they've already done. I used to wonder why they didn't capture that hollywood glitz papparazi infested side of LA in San andreas, so I reckon this missed opportunity is being revisited in GTA V.


Saying that, I really do hope we get a DLC about the gangster stuff with a CJ/Sweet like character.

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I would much rather have a condensed "only put whats important" LS,SF,LV than a giant LS with a sh*t load of the same stuff over and over.

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Absolutely agree. In fact, I would've taken San Fierro over Los Santos anytime of the day. But I still think Los Santos is great in its own way, and the map is gonna be huge, of that I can assure you. But I still think that with all the money and resources Rockstar have, they should've added all 3 cities, plus a much larger countryside.

Did you get an advanced copy of the game or something? How big is the countryside? I don't know for sure, like you seem to know, but I have a feeling the countryside is going to be absolutely enormous. In fact it will probably be multiple times larger than the city, and that's putting it conservatively. Plus we are going to have mountains. I agree that the full SA would be killer, but why does everyone insist on assuming things one way or the other?

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