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Game keeps crashing!?


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Hello guys. Recently I downloaded a cracked San Andreas and it runs fine. The only problem is..


Sometimes, when I go to the options menu, the game completely freezes and its a black screen. I have to shut it down afterwards with the task manager. I don't know why this happens. Normally, this happens when the mouse in the game starts to freeze. Like, you know how you use the mouse to move the camera around in the game? Sometimes the mouse freezes and I can't move the camera around, AND THATS when this problem happens. But when the camera isnt frozen, i never get this crash.


Sorry its hard to explain sad.gif


But look , the game freezes sometimes when I go to the options menu when the camera is frozen. Thats basically it.

I notice this happens when I ALT+TAB normally..

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We don't discuss pirated copies of any grand theft auto game here, or any other game for that matter. Lock?

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