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Storms out at sea


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How f*cking dope would that be? Like every once in a while it would storm crazy hard, and if you were out in the ocean you would get hit with 20 ft waves and sh*t. Think about like trying to evade the cops with 5 stars, out at sea in the middle of a storm... that sh*t would be intense.

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I think that it would add an interesting dimension to the game, that's for sure. I hope that weather and such is more dramatic in general in Grand Theft Auto V. For example, and I will use the ocean again, but when a massive storm hits; I would like to see waves crash and land over the railings that separate the boardwalks from the ocean. Rain could also be more dramatic, though I think they nailed it pretty well in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Being stuck out at sea with 20 foot waves would be intense as hell! I don't think you would have to worry about the cops at a five star wanted level though with 20 foot waves crashing around everywhere. tounge.gif


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i wouldnt go with 20 foot waves but a proper weather system that has say lighting bolts that can disorientate your game play more than GTA IV would be nice ,what i mean by it a lighting bolt can hit the road in front of you .


Also why only out @ sea in kinda never realy out there in any mission realy .bring that inland let us be able to chase a storm cell down be involved in it i say...


But great topic.Kudos.... lol.giflol.gif

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or hot & cold days .see your character gain a tan hahaha.

In cold days hmmm not sure what effect we can think of none coming to mind.

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