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With regards to the Location setting...


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I'm just curious,


There's an awful lot of threads coming and going, so I'm unsure if I perhaps missed this or such, but in the 'Better Police Cars' thread, we realised that there is an actual human being at Rockstar checking the incoming mouthoff emails (meaning there's no generic autoreply already planning to thank you for your feedback and ignore your query).



People are getting in such a storm regarding the location/s of GTA V. Has anyone actually bothered to email mouthoff and ask for an official stance? (Of course they won't tell you what is in the game with regards to location, and you may get a "sorry, we can't answer those questions just yet", but if the other two cities are not in the game, I'm sure they'd let you know that much (as it's hurting their hype).




So has anyone actually asked them does the game include San Fierro or Las Venturas? And if so, did you get a response? (If anyone's planning to email them, don't ask "are there any other cities" because they won't answer that, as it's too vague. They'll want to keep the game secret, and will most likely only answer if you ask about LS and SF specifically).



Also, i realise you're thinking why don't I just email them? Truth be told, I already emailed asking them to update the lightbars on the Police car so they'd look as good as they do when PC modders get their hands on the game. Like the lighting effects at the start of the video below:





And I want that to be addressed as I think it looks shockingly better thant he poor 'colour haze' that is actually in the Games. I don't want to email them about anything else, as it'll only end up watering down my initial suggestion.



So yeah... anyone actually asked them?



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I just figured they would stay tight lipped about anything.

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