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I am really frustrated with this problem i have encountered for about 2 months, if you can help i would be really proud.


i have bought gta 4 on steam for about 7 months, i have been playing it for 5 months and so after i got a problem. It said: Sorry,but this version of gtaiv.exe is not supported

Supported versions : 1.0.1us,1.0.2us,1.0.3us,1.0.4,


I have re-installed it verified the integrity and defraged it....

I have been using about 15 mods.


Please HELP!!!!



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Uninstall ALL 15 mods.


To save us all some time, just uninstall it and don't ask any questions about "omg i worked hard to put mod on is there anyting else i can do?

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