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Will personal gangs make a comeback?


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Seeing as a lot of people are commenting about how Los Santos will probably make a return, what does this mean about personal gangs?

Sure, in IV you could call for "backup" and have a team of allies join you in your various street crimes, and back in San Andreas you could full on "recruit" your own gang members from the streets...

So, might we expect this in the latest installment?


Maybe not?

How could it work?

Or would it be too "over-the-top?"

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They could possibly make a return, although it all depends on what sort of character the protagonist is and who he is associated to.


If the game starts with him being affiliated with a particular gang, then it's highly possible that this could happen. If he's the new guy without many associates though, then I don't expect it to happen.

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i'd like them to return but more like the new assassins in Assassins Creed where you could upgrade their weaponry, armour, outfits etc and also because they may be some use to you and not die after like 2 secs like in the original SanAn


EDIT meant to say first time around but this is also another way to spend your money

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