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Utilizing Money in V


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GTA V revolves around money. Leaving me to think that you can buy A LOT more stuff than you could have in GTA IV, San Andreas, Vice City all of those games. Any ideas on what you can buy? Also, I think Rockstar should make ways that you lose a lot of money like going to the Hospital, and getting Busted should cost you more money than they have in past GTA games. San Andreas is a good example of no restrictions on getting money, you can do everything in the game and still have more than enough money left, then what left do you have to do, kill cops. Do you think you'd be able to purchase properties such as little restaurants that give you profit after a period of time, and you can pick it up like in San Andreas and Vice City? Maybe buy a house and have to pay it off, and if you don't they'll foreclose it, hell I don't know, just throwing out ideas.

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