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Mouse and keyboard mess up


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hey guys new to the forum. i have a wireless logitech f700 keyboard and a logitech m310 mouse. gta 4 liberty city stories used to work fine on my pc no problems now live crashes at startup, and whenever i boot the game, the mouse gets like stuck in the corner and all i can do is look behind cause the mouse wont move any direction and i cant push A to move right and if i push backwards it sticks going backwards. what happened there used to be no problems with this game and i reisntalled windows 7 64 bit and now all these problems are happening o and i own the steam version


Here some specs if you need them

Phenom x6 1090t

8 gigs ddr3

radeon 6950 2 gig

msi mobo

the game files are located on my tbyte too

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nevermind feel like an idiot now, i had my guitar hero controller plugged in and gta was thinking it was a microsoft controller. so for future forum goers with this problem: unplug all your other controllers unless you intend to use them

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I have been having mouse and keyboard issues too using a wireless setup. For me the problem is that if I keep buttons pressed for a period of a few seconds when firing my character just keeps on firing till they run out of ammo even when the buttons released, also sometimes the vehicles im driving will just veer off left or right till I release all direction button and then press forward, Im pretty sure its just a wireless issue as I not experienced this with wired mouse and KB.


Im running W7 and a Tecknika wireless KB and mouse, and I really dont think there is a fix for this its just one of those annoyances that will have to be dealt with or revert back to wired setup

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