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GTA Film Resource(s). What do you all use?


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Hello all!


I am *thinking* of trying to get back into making a new GTA4 film next week. I've been out of the movie scene for a long time and could use some specific feedback and suggestions to make a better video. I have Simple Trainer. But I've stopped there and haven't taken the time to venture further into the mod scene.


Please contact me here, or my email: [email protected] for any ideas/links/files you would be willing to help me out with.


My question(s): [Max Actors in the next film: 3 total]


1. Recommendations for higher quality royalty free music? (Must be able to hear examples).

2. Feasible stunts using the GTA4 engine. (Locations, Type of Stunts).

3. Graphic Mods (Link appreciated - with pictures).

4. Assuming I learn some elementary After Effects, some good plugins to look for?

5. Interesting scene ideas? (Example: "Use Simple Trainer to place an object [Obj. #XXXXXXXX] on a table and turn physics on before hitting it with a car).

6. Interesting clips/scenes you may have noticed in films (link appreciated - doesn't have to be GTA related) that you think would be neat to see done in a GTA4 film?

7. Any additional mods/downloads that you think would be well suited for a film?

8. Any voice actors you know of that would be willing to help get their name out there to work on any voice acting we may use? (Samples required).

9. Any original music composures looking to get exposure? (Samples required).

8. Scene/Plot ideas?


If anyone knows of anyone that might be willing to help create something for this film (ether an object save, some composed music - I will not be able to pay you, but you'll be able to get some exposure and have your name out there, etc) it would be much appreciated. Just shoot me an email.


I am nominated for a NATAS Emmy Award for my work as a student photojournalist and I am Machinima.com partner and so the video will appear on Machinima's YouTube channel and a if I decide to start a new project next weekend you will be of course mentioned in the credits!


This post does not qualify under the thread: "GTA4 Theater" as its subheading is "post your videos here" and as this is not a video submission thread I am justified to have this question as its own thread.

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Just wanted to say, I LOVE your work.


Unfortunately I don't play on PC so I can't help.

Thanks much.


To anyone else who may be a console player, thats OK! Theres a few questions up in the OP that aren't directly related to PC users only smile.gif

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About your question on After Effects, I use a bunch of Trapcode's plugins. Comes in a number of varieites; 'Starlight', ' Form', 'Particle', to name a few. It isn't free though but if you regularly do this sort of thing it's worth it IMO. sad.gif

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