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Should the jetpack be in V?  

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  1. 1. Should the jetpack be in V?

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    • No

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I hope not!


It worked in SA because it was funny but we've got SR for that now. I want GTA to go down a more serious path and judging from the trailer it will be.

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If they bring back the jetpack and make it a lot faster it would be awesome sigh.gif , if its that same old slow boring thing from San Andreas, i probably would never use it.

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I never really enjoyed the SA jetpack, it was cool to duel wield uzi's on it but it was so slow.

I only ever really searched LV with it because it was so close to the pickup point.

Though it was good for getting the clams from on top of the castle casino building.


I don't really care for it to be in V.

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Would be great if R* brought back the jetpack in some form, mission related or not. Finding all the gang tags, horseshoes, etc. was easy and enjoyable with the jetpack. And the killing sprees with the jetpack made my day

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I'm not sure anyone posted this...


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