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Would you actually use a camera in the game? Like for sight seeing

Hello. I am one of the last grove street warriors alive and on the streets. I've seen all my homies get locked up for life and I saw my closest homies get layed out. Grove for life

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The first Grand Theft Auto game to feature a camera was Vice City. In San Andreas, players were allowed to use a camera freely. Best yet, pictures could be saved. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the player is equipped with a Whiz camera phone during the mission Photo Shoot. The camera is used in certain missions where a picture is required. Outside of missions, snapshots can be taken, but there is no way of saving them. Why the sudden downshift?


I think GTA5 will allow players to use their camera like in San Andreas. Not only that, but players will be able to upload their pictures onto Rockstar's Social Club. This will encourage players to get invovled with the site. It will also be a great way to advertise the city.


Possible Features:


* The camera will be inherited after the first beginning missions.

* You can edit your pictures, including contracts, blur, cropping, etc. An example would be turning your picture Black and White.

* You can save up to 20 photographs.

* You can upload your pictures onto Rockstar's Social Club and share it with your frends.

* They could have weekly photocontests that earn achievments.

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i hope if we take pics in game, we can put them on our PC,PS3 or 360 hard disk and i wish that R* would make a site add on to social club and have an upload mode in game that uploads pics to social club. That would be great. inlove.gif

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I hope they bring back the camera on GTAV to take picture some good events, peds, the city and more. And be able to save them just like in SA..

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