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trailer cutscenes...


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in game moments?

i think most of them are but my brother and one fanboy friend of mine(Bashed every single sandbox game)are telling me '' dont be excited its all cutscenes''


now DONT lock this topic since its not about my stupid bro and friend its about this : what do you think is in game footage in the trailer?

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Rockstar uses trailers as a way to translate to people what they can expect to do in-game.

Really, when did rockstar started bullsh*ttin us? As far as I am concerned, rockstar was always very honest when dealing what we could expect or not from a GTA game.


Now, obviously, that all the character models in the trailer were "maxed out LODs" (the same way the would be to show up in cutscenes). But everything shown in the trailer will be present in-game. Flying planes, setting on or off the cover in some cars, having the peds checking your ride, the countryside on so on...

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It's not all cutscenes, and if they are... they can get a big penalty for this.


Some time ago an EU Law was in the making (active now) about game-commercials that only showed Cutscenes in their commercials and this is prohibited now. The commercial have to show real ingame footage now (and this needs to be indicated in the commercial itself(example: a line of text: "Real ingame footage" at the bottom of the screen during the commercial)).

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The only part I thought maybe in-game (by that I mean actual gameplay, I know its not pre-rendered) was the view behind the helicopter.

The vast majority wasnt gameplay.

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You can tell if game footage is a cutscene by the characters' movements. In normal gameplay, they would usually appear awkward and at times just outright unrealistic. I believe all of the scenes depicting people are cutscenes, given the human-like motion. The driving scenes, the ones with the speeding cars, I think are actual in-game footage. If you paid attention to the camera angle, it seems they reused the ones in IV.

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