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GTA V and the Genesis image - the link?


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Sup guys, now I don't even know why I am making this thread if I'm honest lol. I mentioned this in a thread, however I reckon it's worth sharing with everyone. I know I am probably wrong and very little will take this seriously. Probably doing this because I'm bored. But hey, lets give this little observation a look into.


Ok, so we all remember the infamous Genesis image and thread right? I'm actually pretty astounded not many of us have talked about the image and its possible relevance/irrelevance but hey, that's just me. Anyway, while watching the trailer I noticed something straight away which stood out to me:




pause at :28


Now you are probably thinking, "dirt track in the country, big deal.."


However I immediately found that scene really significant. Red Dead Redemption was possibly the best game I have ever played. No game felt me so attached to a character like John. That led me to play through the game about 4 times over. During that time, you would think I would know the map pretty damn well. Well in fact, that's why I found that scene so significant. I strongly believe that that part of the map is almost directly copy and pasted from Red Dead. Now even after 4 play throughs, I aint played the game in a few months so I guess I could be a little rusty. However in Mexico there is an extremely similar part of the map. If you ride your horse to an area in Mexico, there is a hill exactly like that with a drop at the side. One road goes round as seen in the screenshot, and the other goes straight past which leads to Chuparosa. Seriously, it seems pretty damn similar in my opinion. Not only this, but the road isn't tarmacked at all. What the hell is up with that? Seriously, take out the windmills and it could be a scene out of Red Dead 3. How can an area outside LA have roads which aren't tarmacked? That leads me to my point. I reckon Genesis may indeed have been significant. The cross between Red Dead and V. Confirming what we now know that yes it will have countryside, but certain aspects and features of the Red Dead map appear in V. Like I said, I aint stating anything as fact. I am probably wrong about all this. But if there is a degree of truth in what I'm saying, it is interesting to see whether or not the Genesis image held any significant info by the time we hear more of V.

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I've wondered where this discussion went myself... But as I had thought for awhile after the image was released its just the people behind where's the blue admitting they were actually DTgta4

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That's because Andrew deemed it a pile of horse s....... And as Admins and Mods won't talk about DeepT, it's best we don't either. Don't provoke their wrath

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