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Hey Guys.

I really need help from a modder. I have a problem:


Few days ago, I downloaded the wtc mod of the wtc modding team. (WTC-MOD). It is a very good mod, and I like it very to play GTA with the mod. But I find bad, that if you install the mod, you are no longer able to make missions, to save, to enter buildings and so on. I tried to change the mod, but I didn't find out, what I have to change for that it works. Can someone help me please? Thank you so much


Greets HighD


PS: I'm a german speaker, so I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made...

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You'll have to add the missions from the original main.scm by hand into the new one. It's not hard, just copy>paste the missions, and change the number of defined missions, and define the missions, and make checks....


Or just talk to the mod creator.


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Thank for your help, I'll try this


The problem is, that the modding team stopped working on this mod, and I think they aren't active any more -.- so I have to try it myself, but I'm not very trained ^^


And do you know how to make, that the buildings and planes rest in game?

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