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Resident Evil 1.5


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Remember resident evil 1.5?


"Resident Evil 2 began development in 1996 shortly after the original game and was originally scheduled for a March 1997 release.

However, as the game was approaching its release date, the developers were dissatisfied with the resulting product. Rather than releasing a game they were unhappy with, the developers took the risk of developing the game again from scratch."


Video showing this epic game:



Characters and role


Leon S. Kennedy - Leon's role in the game was as a rookie police officer defending the RPD Whilst on the roof, the infected enter. At some point he was to escape into the sewers with Ada and Marvin.


Elza Walker - Elza's role was as a college student returning to Raccoon City after a holiday. At some point, she joins up with Sherry and Robert where they plan their escape. She was cut and replaced by claire redfeild in favor of connecting the game to the first by making claire, chris redfields sibling from the first game.


John- Elzas supporting character. He was ada wongs boy friend and was in the city. he was to live through the game and help from the shadows. He would later be infected and you must find him some anti virus. This concept to find his antivirus was later given to sherry in the final and john was cut. However his character model was given to the character robert kendo who would die early in re 2 in the gun shop.


Sherry Birkin - A supporting character for Elza, Sherry would be pursued by William throughout the game, she would die later in the game, but in the final she escapes the city.


Annette Birkin - The mother of Sherry and wife of William; Annette is infected with the G-virus and was to die early. In the final she died much later.


Marvin Branagh - Leon supporting character who would live through the whole game. However in the final game, he was killed off early.


Linda - One of Leon's supporting characters who was an african american umbrella scientist. in the final game that was released as 2, she was replaced by a similar character named ada wong, except now chinese and is not a scientist. However linda was used later in Resident evil outbreak file 2 as a supporting character that escapes the city with your character.


Brian Irons- Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department. Unlike in the final version, Irons was a supporting character who would aide in Leon's story.


Roy ("DJ") - Leons other supporting character and best friend. He and leon would be trapped in the police station and leon, roy, marvin and brian are the remaining officers. he would be killed off later in the story by accident when an infected monkey blows up a can of gas, which knocks a poll into the air and impales him in the head, killing him instantly.


Annete, marvin and brian in 1.5:

user posted image



Crows and the Cerberi share the same role as their Resident Evil 2 counterparts, with the dogs attacking the player in outside areas. Web Spinners were supposed to hide in ventilation tunnels before attacking nearby enemies. William Birkin was to be far more monstrous, able to kill other infected creatures. As evidenced by the little known footage available of the game, in 1.5 William would mention Sherry's name.

In the prototype, the zombies were significantly more gruesome, continuing to crawl towards the player with their body below the waist severed (it's possible for this to occur in Resident Evil 2, however enemies can only be blasted in half with the Shotgun and it's harder to pull off). In addition, the Zombies could climb on ledges, which isn't featured in the final version. The various types of zombies were far more varied, including fat zombies, and multiple female zombies. These unused types later appeared again in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Chimeras in the prototype appeared to be based on spiders, as opposed to flies like in the first game; they were removed altogether from the game. The "Zombie Monkey"s were to break through the floor and attack the player by surprise. They had the ability to grab the ceiling of the area that they were at, and move around with their arms while hanging from the ceiling. Their concept art was replicated and became the Eliminator encountered in Resident Evil 0.



The Raccoon City Police Department was originally conceived with a more modern look, though was smaller than the finished version. The building had several internal shutters which the player could use to slow down the zombies; this was replaced with the east-wing and west-wing window shutters which can optionally be activated in the finished version.

Based on available evidence, the sewers and research facility changed very little.

There was to be 6 levels in the game. The streets, the RPD, the sewers, the research facility, and factory. Most of the streets were cut, however some remained in the final game for re2`s story to show leon and claire crash and escape to the rpd. The full original rpd was cut, however some rooms where reused in the final. The main hall in 1.5 was changed into a modern looking waiting room for resident evil 2. The full factory was cut but the train yard was reused from the factory to be the enterance to the labs in re 2. The labs changed little but some areas where removed.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

After characters would turn into zombies, they looked like:

(DJ is first, Brian is second and ben is last)

user posted image

DJ before death and infection:

user posted image


All characters in 1.5:

user posted image


When nemesis was to appear in 1.5: (he was later used in re 3)

user posted image




Im trying to make a game like 1.5. A complete game with all the beta features of 1.5.


1.5 allowed you to do so much more. Grenades could be thrown, you could get naked(yes a polygon model naked because of damage ripped your outfit off!) and more!


This game sadly was never released. Only 3 people in the world have it. Capcom, some guy who refuses to give it up, and playstation museum. It WILL leak 1 day though i hope.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
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It's a Great Shame. RE was the first game I had for Playstation and so holds alot of sentimental value to me. The scrapped 1.5 seems alot bigger than 2 which itself was much bigger than 1 or 3. The new REs are just COD with zombies: Boring Sh*te.


I'd kill to play it someday. Did two branching storylines feature like the game we ended up getting?

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both stories changed and 95% of 1.5'S content was cut. in 1.5 you could throw grenades, punch, use zombie arms as a weapon, and 100% of the police station was replaced, 50% of the sewers were cut, 70% of the labs were cut and the racoon streets were cut and had a bigger roll in 1.5 but the street level was later in RE 3. 1.5 would of had 12 hour playtime and leon and elzas story was 100% different from each others and in 1.5 leon would start on the roof after the rescue heli crashed. elza would escape her apartment into the streets and drive her bike through the police station enterance. you could drive in 1.5 too. but then the game was scrapped for the crap version. i would love to get my hands on a beta. rumor is the game was gonna release for saturn, pc and ps1. too bad.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
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That sounds like the ultimate RE!


It's a shame where they've taken the franchise now. It's all about the $$$ I'm afraid confused.gif

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