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GTA V Trailer as .jpg


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I uploaded the trailer as jpg format , every frame converted to jpg , is better for Trailer Analysis or creating signatures .

I wish you some fun with these pics .


Download Link

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244MB just to let every 1 know ...but WOW great job WD ,now we need another trailer or a news post from rahkstar2.gif

I will make it with the next trailer oo , can't wait to see hm . sigh.gif

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Ok lets start realy looking into this & once again thanks ...realy i love this...


1.Golf course @ start ,is that a cat under the bench ? i think it is..!

2.Girl looks @ guy driving the red convertible ,a Piecing Shop ? clearly see that...hope its in the game.

3.Same clip just next view ,Fir hydrant on the footpath ,has a BIG Nozzle ,may be we hook up the fire truck to it ?.

4.just after the Wind Turbines, the nice looking house Notice these things ,Telescope,the big drop of like its on the mountain,Were she stretches and puts her hand up thro the glass there is dat a tennis court ? help on that 1.

5.@ start again 2 guys jogging the sign on the left,(Pleasure Pier) WITH A COASTER IN THE PIC.now on the beack section were the guy is working out up right cant miss it Coaster !.Looks massive nice & big hope we can use it this time,not like GTA 1V.

6.same place, dead center Showers or toilets may be both....

7.After that part MILE HIGH CLUB. hope it gets finished in-game (while the story of the game unfolds )to we can party online .

8.the guy turns to us revealing his face not that ,theres 3 buildings, orange blue purple .not sure whats it about but a good find.

9.same part something is strangely moving next to his right shoulder @ 1st train but then it goes back pfft not sure..

10.the crop duster plane not that but that road in the back (left) looks kinda big for a normal road maybey a highway out some were ,were ever cant wait,..



Make a space here.so we dont get lost reading this


11.the guys going into that place looks like a Jewelry shop.Nice pick up on the frame there ....

12.homeless guy not that left sign says (East Del Perro Fwy East Los Santos ) with a (2) ON THE SIGN.

13.the Jet plane has 6 missiles single engine & will not be able to hover ,hast got those blowing things.so no its not the Hydra... but a new kind of Jet now thats impressive .....

14.Final clip With the plane ,you can clearly see a road with an 8 lane car span like WOW...



Anyways i hope you like what i think of this.....do let me know what you think of it all. & superb file....

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That's awesome, thanks for the contribution. I'm downloading it now.


EDIT: *Important* Men wear t-shirts to keep cool in the LS heat - but also scarves nervous.gifuser posted image

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new to all this, and sorry if anyone else posted....


after looking at all pics, can see confirmation of towable trailers for trucks..


check photos 1755-1775 (behind the hobo) is a truck with a trailer on it.


hope this helps!



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