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who is disappointed


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Yes I know this topic will be closed for some moderator just ask to be left open to hear from some people ...

This is how we were three years waiting for the long-awaited gta v, it is true that the trailer shows that will be a fantastic game ... but when those would be in Los Santos was not expecting San Andreas?

Only one city looks like we're back at the same time gta iv where the map was small relative to San Andreas ... in all of this only meant that it was possible to create the San Andreas on PS2 because you can not recreate the San Andreas in this new generation?

Rockstar from the time they said it would only saints and Los Santos and countryside etc ... disappointed me a lot .... added value to betting on the city of Vice City ...



sorry my english i use the google translator biggrin.gif

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Absolutely dissapointed. SF was done extremely poorly in SA, and now it will never be given true justice. The worst part is, most of Los Santos will be sprawling buildings that arent event enterable. Woopty-doo! suicidal.gif


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I'm relieved.

why? smile.gif

Because one of the most famous cities in the world (Los Angeles) is going to get the Rockstar Games treatment, it will be incredibly detailed and atmospheric and yet another milestone in gaming. If they had done what most on here wanted, they would have ended up with three small, half-arsed cities that wouldn't do their real life counterparts justice.


People need to see the bigger picture.

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