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Myths in GTA V?


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Now we all know the myths and unexplained things in San Andreas, almost 7 years and nothing has been confirmed yet, but what 'paranormal' stuff could happened in GTA V?

There's the HUGE mountain range and at the beginning of the trailer there is a dog and you can even hear it bark.

Rockstar said that they'll focus on the surrounding beaches and countryside and there was a lot of myths and weird stuff just outside the 2004 version of Los Santos.


I don't mean to be a pessimist but in GTA SA I loved the myths and for me that's what kept the game alive during the reign of GTA IV.

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Myth #1 that theyve been working on it since GTA4 was released.


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Myth 14: The higher Cult of Epsilon roams the countryside in large groups in search of vulnerable people.

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