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I would like to request a new logo, If you could id like it to be spinning but otherwise anything else is fine. Id like the logo to have bullet holes and have an army style look for it

You can but are not limited to using the following image

user posted image


It needs to say ExM on it, it is a must wink.gif




I would also like to request a New Signature... The Signature has to have a background that is army style with either gtaIV/GtaV images as the background goes, the words on it need to have

Army style font

Green and yellow

And it needs to have the logo above intergrated in the top right or left corner




Needs to have Bullet holes in it and maybe a little bloody





I would like to request a Banner, the Banner needs to have a:


Army style font(green/yellow)


Needs to say:




Beaten, Avenged, Brothers Till The End



Specs:Needs bullet holes with a blood on it somewhere







If you have any better ideas or have better images then i asked for above by all means post them im excepting anything wink.gif

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user posted imageBumpitydo

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I understand you guys arE busy so ill just make them myself icon14.gif





No hard feelings cookie.gif

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