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The Dog Discussion


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So there has been much curiosity over that furry little thing so I thought the dog needs it's own very discussion.


The dog, and the seagull in the background, behaves and moves around somewhat similar to their RDR counterparts. Could Rockstar North borrowed the animals AI in RDR and put them in San Andreas? Or was that dog just a part of a cutscene and will never be seen again? Could other animals be involved, cats and rats for example?


All I know is this, I don't want 200 f*cking pigeons around again.



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I do have a feeling that animals will play a reasonable role in Grand Theft Auto V, and I have a feeling that the dog will not be the only animal that we see in Grand Theft Auto V, either. I have no doubt that the idea of having animals in Grand Theft Auto V was inspired by Red Dead Redemption, and Rockstar North did work on Red Dead Redemption, also.


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I want to buy GTAV just to create a mix of a dog and a Bandito. devil.gif


Just saying.


Also, to jump off-topic, I WANT THE BANDITO TO RETURN!


Back on-topic, woof.

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I'm fully expecting animals to be in this time round. But shooting them in public will present the same consequences as shooting a human. I mean if you shot a dog dead in the street you would have the police after you.


Theres no reason for them to stop at Dogs though, they will not be the only ones in.


I think there will be forests with animals in but not as a major part of the game, more of a kill or be killed type of thing. And not like RDR's variation of animals, I mean like a dozen at the most.






a few types of bird



Horses could be interesting. Another form of transport, perhaps. They already will have done the leg work for it with RDR, surely?

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