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Los Santos vs Los Angeles

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How recognizable would the Los Santos of GTA V in comparison to real life Los Angeles? I would LOVE it if they did a street-for-street recreation of Los Angeles like LA Noire did. LA Noire had the most incredible map of any video game i've ever played -- you can drive through certain parts of LA in the game and they look exactly the same today in real life even though the game took place in 1947. but seeing as this game doesn't actually take place in Los Angeles, it's unlikely.


so how would Los Santos actually compare to Los Angeles? besides the obvious landmarks (Downtown Skyline, Santa Monica Pier), do you think that people who live in LA would be able to drive around Los Santos and know the map just by knowing real-life Los Angeles? Or will it be more of a caricature than anything else? I would be disappointed if GTA V's Los Santos was just a mash-up of all the "famous landmarks" of LA with no deeper resemblance to the real city.

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Don't need an exact recreation of LA. Kinda like Liberty City and NY. And it doesn't need to be big either, as long as there are other cities like Las Venturas, San Fierro and (who knows?) Tijuana, Mexico.

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Dr. Zoidberg

Well you could start with this


user posted image


Vinewood sign would be where the Hollywood sign would be.

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