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With the way the gaming industry is leading...


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true, but not with rockstar... there hasnt been a pisstake DLC yet with rockstar.... by pisstake i mean like, whole new extra areas.....


although come to think of it, the episodes was a complete pisstake, ps3 getting it that late... so late i didnt even care.


but yeah when it comes to the map u can bet ur not gonna have to buy DLC's or get limited edition for it.

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If they'd make this, I'll never ever again believe that they're trying to deliver as much content as possible in their games unlike other devs.


But its not gonna happen since we have planes lol.gif

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Nice picture biggrin.gif But seriously, I really hope and think not. After the disaster with Batman Arkham City with the day one Catwoman DLC which corrupted the entire game I don't think Rockstar North will do the same. Then again Rockstar Games did do these awful pre-order different exclusive mission per retailer DLCs with LA Noire suicidal.gif And didn't Midnight Club LA have an entire new area in the form of South Central as DLC some time later sad.gif Anyway I still have trust that Rockstar North will not let this happen cool.gif

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