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Emotion98.3's Findings.


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Welcome all to my topic of Trailer Findings that I don't believe other people had shed light on or have seen yet. I watched the trailer on my lunch today and was pretty shocked to see all the detail that Rockstar has incorporated into this game. It truly is phenomenal. Here are some things that i quickly noticed (Some of you may have also) That I have seen that might of slipped some attention.


user posted image

Picture One.


Thats the Los Santos Pier that I have highlighted, but if you look closer, You can make out of what looks like a Roller Coaster and maybe an Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel was the only ride in SA, Correct?). Maybe the rides are functional since the Trailer looks to be of a Summer Season.


user posted image

Picture Two.


Notice the 50's looking car in the background.

Also take note of the Licence Place "San Andreas" (Very Important for next picture)


user posted image

Picture Three.


Oh look, Its a different Licence Plate. Maybe this is a clue that there are multiple cities....


user posted image

Picture Four.


Birds are in, Just like IV. Seagulls maybe the "Hidden Package" type deal Just as Pigeons were in IV.


user posted image

Picture Five.


Habanero looks to be in for a vehicle so you guys can add that to the list. (Sorry about the GMa, Forgot it was the mother who passed away in San Andreas) but isn't that the couch that was in CJ's mother's house.


More to come....




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To keep things tidy, please use the following threads:


• General discussion about the trailer (observations and whatnot): GTA V First Trailer Discussion

• Serious theories, with relevant evidence (screenshots/links): GTA V Trailer Analysis


Forum staff will pass judgment on all other threads on a case-by-case basis. We're seeing a HUGE wave of traffic right now, and we want to keep this forum all clean n' stuff.




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Very nice spotting the rollercoaster, I missed that for sure. There's a few posters near the start of the trailer, one can be seen on the beach hut and another can be seen when the 2 guys are jogging. The posters are for "the pleasure pier". I'm guessing it has some other rides too.

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