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It's all between 0:53 and 0:54. as we can see there are 4 cars in the picture


THE PROBLEM ----> the two who come from the corner are the same(convertible sports car blue/white) and the other two opposite to each other are also the same(patriot) old jeep kind of car



This means, that when you get a car, the same car or cars that are sorted in groups will appear everywhere in the city.



This is quit annoying, because when you have a special one like the cognoscenti (GTA IV) whats hard to find, every one drives the same and you don't feel special anymore blush.gif


plus there is a big variety on cars if they would be picked randomly it would make the game so much better and look better



we should all try to warn Rockstar about this while they're still polishing the game

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This is not an easily fixable problem. It's to do with limitations in the game. The same thing happens in Saints Row. If every single car was unique the loading times and lagging would be so extreme. Having the same group cycle saves resources so that you can have more peds, more action and enjoy the gameplay. It's been like this in every GTA game.

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