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SF and LV are DLC


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OR... seen as this is the first trailer, it shows the the first island (What we know to be the first island from GTA: SA) So maybe there's a trailer per island?

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i think this make perfect sense, since there not on the trailer they gonna release them as DLC

A nice idea. But judging on the shere size of what we have seen of Los Santos which looks bigger than San Andreas was, I doubt it.


Maybe one DLC will be an island?

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GTA San Andreas first trailer only showed Los Santos too.

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I mean, I can't say for sure obviously. But there's a number plate I believe with San Andreas written on which makes me think it'll be the whole place. But again, just speculating... (Ahh, speculation. Possibly the most used word when talking about GTA V).


Apart from that, trailer looks incredible!! biggrin.gif

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