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Urban Exploration

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You should probably read this, before adding to the discussion.


So, while waiting for GTA V I want to really explore Liberty City. I want to explore the guts of the city. I want to know about any cool places for Urban exploration that you've found.


For example there are multiple Boat factories in the Port Tudor area, and the whole East portion of Charge Island has a massive Industrial structure that is easily climbable.


Remember, just because you know of it doesn't mean everyone knows about it.





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If you want to explore the city R* has an activity for you. Find and shoot all of the pigeons. there's a sh*t load of them in original IV and you'll get to see nearly ever nook and cranny of the map on your hunt.

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There is one place that I find fun and cool, it's in Bohan on Boulevard I think. There should be a small car park and on the side of a building in that area there is a ladder that goes to the roof of a building. On top of the building you can find lots of wooden planks and boards leading up and down to different roofs, it's a great place for free running and escaping the cops at.


Also I'm still exploring the Acter Industrial Park and still finding lots of cool things, the abandoned ship/train yard and the two old plants and cool places to explore, and for me, roleplay at. biggrin.gif

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Something I only discovered last night, you can walk the suspension cables on Broker bridge. You need a helicopter though.


Land the chopper on top of either of the plinths that hold the cables and get out. Don't be tempted by any of the ladders as they don't go anywhere! You want to carefully climb over the railings and line up with a cable then drop onto it.

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This isn't true UE, but in the Little Jacob mission where you get a pistol, the alleyway where the shootout takes place is really fun to climb around in.

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What a coincidence this topic was created because today happen to be the day I give IV another go.


I was just shooting all over the place at the building where Francis got you to kill a black guy in whom you can either spare or kill. I had five stars while I was there so I decided to just make the run for it. It's pretty cool to just run through alleyways and then backtracking again once a police car pops right in front of you. I found myself at a police station in the end of my wild goose chase.

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