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World Series of Poker 2011

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I know poker isn't really a sport but its a popular competetive game which is basically a sport.




Has anyone been watching it this year? I'm really enjoying it. Who is your favourite player/s? Mine would have to be Heinz & Makiievskyi.


Heinz is one of the best aggressive players I have ever seen, he reminds me of Phil Ivy. Makiievskyi may aswell be classed as a psychic. He's f*cking mental.


I hope one of them wins, especially the ukrainian, he really deserves it from the way he has played throughout the tournament.

Edited by SweatyPa1ms

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El Dildo

funny that no one has replied to this topic, not even once.


I actually really enjoy poker.

my friends and I used to have our own tournaments at my buddy Dan's house in high school... since his parents put up with us drinking in the basement.

we kept it going when we could when everybody was home from college.


I don't play as much now but I do like watching the WSOP on ESPN and some of those cash games that you see on GSN. or like Poker After Dark and sh/t where they play with their own hard cash. NBC also does that National Heads Up Poker Championship which has been running for several years now; NBC being the only one of the major US cable networks that hosts it's own made-for-TV tournament.


poker is obviously not a sport.

but it's the only casino game that you can truly affect the outcome of. so because of that it has an inherent element of competition. competition breeds skill and skill breeds talent.

of course none of this makes up for luck of the draw which will always account for 50% of the action on the table. this provides the ingredient of suspense to the mixture making it fun to watch as well as play.


in addition, it's technically the only kind of "professional" competition where total amateurs can play on the "field" right alongside the biggest names in the game.

so that's always fun and interesting to see. it's the only kind of game in the world where the pros square off against anyone who simply has enough money to come and play. some guy from Podunk-Middle-of-Nowhere can show up and walk way with 10 million dollars in a weekend.


kinda cool.

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