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Help with Vertex colours in map mod


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Hello all, i been modding GTA SA on the Xbox for sometime now.


I been having alot of trouble making Maps i tryed all the tutorials i could find but nothing works.

Im useing 3ds Max 2010 with Kams script and Deniska's with vertex output/export.


Here are some pics of the problem.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


I tryed putting the vertex on myself an exporting it with Deniska script like a seen in a tutorial but it dosnt really fix anything.

I been trying to figure this out for weeks now, with no avail.

Dose anyone know how to fix this.


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Try using Xmen's vert helper script before exporting with deniska's. Just run the script, set the day and night vert numbers in the box, and export with deniska's scripts. You will have to play with the numbers a bit to get it as close as possible but it works well. By the way the desert is the hardest place I have found to match the vert colors of a day. You can download Xmen's scripts HERE. Almost forgot to mention, you may need to 'prelight' your model via the .col file as well. Just load the col file for that chunk of map, highlight it, and slide the brightness up a bit. But try the script fix first.



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I tryed the script but it dosnt seem to work i used the numbers that were preset, heres what happen.

.Seems to have inverted it. As you can see its allways day now LOL.



user posted imageuser posted image

user posted image



This is what i dont understand


user posted imageuser posted image


I have no idea what these values are for or what to set them to.


i tryed changing them but it dosnt do anything that i can tell.

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Found your Tut Fox ill be giveing it a try.


What you will need:


Deniska's max scripts HERE .


X-mens max scripts HERE .



This process has a LOT of room for error and without backups, you're screwed!




If you import a section of map, it will lose all of its vert. and night vert. settings. Now that section of maps shading/brightness will not match up with the ones around it when you

put it back in, so you will have to reset those before you export. We'll do that last.


So you have imported a chunk of map and you have made a new object like a house or something to add.

Get the textures that you are going to use for your new object.

If your having trouble exporting objects its usually because a material has been assigned wrong.

For my example, lets say your adding a simple square house to your map.

Make a square or whatever shape your house it going to be.

Once you like the shape, right click on it and convert to editable mesh.

Click the MODIFY button on max, then click the red faces, poly, or element button.

Highlight the walls of your house and then click detatch (this will isolate them from the roof/floor as their own object to make mapping easier)

Now deselect the red selection button, click where there are no objects (to release whatever one is now selected) and then select your walls again.

Select element again and highlight them all so that they turn red.

In your modifier list select UNWRAP UVW.

Select it and it will appear in your mod stack.

Click the black box on its left so that it shows its drop down options and select faces.

Now below your mod stack, under parameters, click EDIT.

You should now have a semi-flattened map image of the walls. Sometimes it will look like a jumbled mess. This is normal.

Under the MAPPING tab you will find options for flatten mapping, normal mapping and others. I usually try flatten mapping or one of the normal mapping options first.

Play around with these until you get what you consider to be the best result for you to apply textures.

You can always click File/RESET ALL in the edit uvw window if you want to try again. Remember you can move and scale the maps as well.

So now you have your maps set up. Click on TOOLS/RENDER UVW TEMPLATE.

Make sure you change the output size to be no larger than 1024 x 1024. SA sometimes has issues if they are too big.

Export your maps as bitmap with Max's default settings and apply your textures to them using photoshop or whatever program you use.

Since your modding objects I assume you already know how to do most of this, so I wont go to into it.

Save your new textures, and go back to max.

You can now close the RENDER UVW and EDIT UVW windows.

Press 'M' to bring up your material editor.

Its easier for most if it is set to COMPACT MATERIAL EDITOR.

Click on a material slot.

Now click the button that says standard.

In the list select GTA MATERIAL. (Im assuming you have Kam's GTA skripts, it you dont, search for and get them!)

Now in the material editor you will see a section called main. In it is Color. Click the button to the right that says NONE.

Select bitmap.

Select your new textures that you mapped.

Now, just underneath the material 'spheres' are a group of small option boxes. Click the one that says ASSIGN MATERIAL TO SELECTION. Should be third box from the left.

Just to the right of that box, click the one that says SHOW STANDARD MAP IN VIEWPORT.

You should now see your textures on you object.

If you need to make adjustments, reload them in photoshop or whatever you use. When you finish editing and click save, they should update automatically in Max's material editor.

Once everything looks good, go to your mod stack and click on unwrap uvw. Now right click and select collapse to. Click yes on the next box that pops up if it does.

Your mod stack should now only have editable mesh.

Now click on you roof/floor and repeat the steps.

Now to put them back together. Click on the roof/floor.

In your menu on the right, under EDIT GEOMETRY click attach.

Now click on the walls.

If a pop up box appears, select the MIDDLE option. I think its match material to material id's.

click okay.

Now UNCLICK Attach.

Your house is now one object again.

Now position it where you want on your piece of map.

Select the map chunk and then click attach again.

Now click your house.

Use the middle option again.

Deselect attach.

Your house is now part of the map chunk.


Now your going to need a collision file and a new LOD.


Select your new map chunk and export it as a .3ds. Make sure it has the same name as the .dff that you have just modded or it wont work. This will be for your Col and LOD.

Open Steves col editor. If you don't have it, get it HERE .

Im assuming that if you have selected a chunk of map, you are using Map editor (to find them).

You can use Med to find the name of the col archive that contains this section of map.

Once you find out which one it is, export it from the GTA3.IMG.


Then open it in col editor.

Find the map section in the archive.

Note that it has section that are colored. These are materials set in the col editor to tell the game what the surface material is. Grass, tarmac, etc.

Now click on add, and select your .3ds that you saved.

Click on the edit button.

Click on the face tab, and just like in max, hold control and click on all the things you want to select. For example, select everything that should be grass.

Now click the material bar. It is a drop down bar with three dots on it. Select the material. In this case, grass.

Do this until you have assigned col material for all the different things in you map piece.

Now click the sphere tab. Then click create.

Do the same for Box.

Now find the old map piece that you are replacing and delete it.

Yours, with the same name as the one you deleted, should still be there.

Save the col file.

Then go back into your GTA3.IMG and replace the old col with your new one. Rebuild the archive.

Now back to Med.

Find your map piece again and find out what texture file it uses. You will need to your new textures to it.

Im going to assume you know how to do that already. If not, for any of this, just ask. I will try to help.

So you have updated the texture file. Time to finish up.


Go back to Max and click Maxscript and then Run Script.

Choose XVertexPaintHelper

These will affect the day and night vert colors (brightness)

The defaults should be close. You can always re-import the .dff and change these later to get it closer.

Click you map piece and then click ASSIGN on the tool.

Now to export. Normally I use Kam's for just about anything, but for THIS, we will use Deniska's.

Click on Maxscript again and run script again.

Choose export_DFF from Deniska's scripts.

Click the export button and choose where to save the new .dff.

Use IMG tool to replace the old one in the .IMG with your new one.

Same for your updated txd file.

Rebuild the archive.

I think that should be about it.


Let me know if this helps please and ask if you have any questions.



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Hate to say it didnt wort. But i did learn a few thing you can add grass an bushes by coloring the col file in col editor.

So now it looks the same but theres grass everywhere, but still always day or night.

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What all did you change in the map? Did you make a new col file for it, and if so did you set the lighting in the col file? Also, did you prelight the map at all? Depending on what all you changed, you can probably upload it and I can see if I can get it to match better for you.



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I made a mod using ne_bit_08.dff and a cave i had pre-made.

I did make a .col file an exported it in .3ds and added the surface settings and set the brightness at half in Collision file editor.

I did not prelight the map.I tryed doing this before and all it did was cast shadows.


I really appreciate you trying to help ill see if i can upload it an get back to you.

Is there anyway you could make a how-to video ?

I have alot of maps that i need to do this to and id really like to know how its been driving me crazy.



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Yeah I'll get my screen capture stuff installed on my new build and try to do a quick tut for my yourube channel. I'll post again when its done.



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Thankyou Fox i really do appreciate it. Do you still want me to upload the file, if so im not sure how to upload i think it has to be done through GTAgarage but im not 100%.

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If you could upload your modded one for me to take a look at, I can fix it (hopefully lol) in the tutorial vid to show you how I did it so you will know for future map mods. Just upload it to mediafire or megaupload (free to do) and then drop the download link they provide you with here. I'll grab it in the next day or so and then have the tut up, with the repaired file, a day or so after that.



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I got the second file, but the first one says 'temporarily unavailable'. I will try to get it again in a little while.




EDIT - Nevermind, I see that everything is in the second file. Okay, I will see what I can figure out and have some stuff up in a day or so.



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Okay! I have managed to get it blended in the game. You can check out the 'how I did it tut' on my youtube channel: PART 1 and PART 2.

Don't forget to click on my sig to see my other tuts and stuff.


And get the fixed files HERE.




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You the man Fox, awesome Tut i cant thankyou enough if you ever need anything dont hesitate to ask.

I had already Subscribed to your Youtube channel,I was looking at your other tuts while you were working on this LOL.


I was wondering what theme is that your useing its very nice?

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Not a problem. Let me know if you need anymore help with it. My theme is called HUD. The wallpaper with my avatar and the rocket dock icons where made by me.



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Works great used it on a few models already, how about on grass an stuff how do you know what to set the numbers to is there something that says more about what to set the numbers to. I been trying on a house i made up in the hills behind the Vinewood sign, anyway i want to match up the grass around the house is there some kind of list maybe of what to set the values to?

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No sadly there is no list. Its all trial and error. The first thing you want to do is make your new col file and merge it with the old one while keeping the collision meshes the same. Thta will insure that the right type of grass is there to help with blending. Then, start with the default day colors and keep raising or lowering them till MOST of the model matches. Next take note of any areas along the seam that only fail to match because of shading in a few spots. Adjust the shading in max in that area and repeat.


If you want to upload this new area so I can DL it, I can help you get the numbers for it.



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No worries i need to learn anyway.

Just wanted to see if there was something out there that could help but if its trail an error i might as well learn.

But thankyou, if i get stuck ill let you know.

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