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Recommendations for my computer?


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I have an Acer Apire AX3400 which i bought a few weeks ago from Comet.


Here are the specs:

AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor

nVidia GeForce 9200 512MB (i think)


Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-BIT.

What can i buy for this PC to make GTA4 more playable?

The Acer Apire AX3400 is a very compact PC. so i have to be careful what i buy.


Im thinking of getting an AMD Phenom Quad-Core processor

and a GeForce GTS 250



What are some recommendations? i need things that will be cheap to purchase.

Also, i live in the UK, so its £. Not $.

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Are you sure your PSU would be able to handle both, and will your case even fit a GTS 250? I would just get a new PC (keep the RAM, DVD, monitor, mouse, keyboard, keep the OS product key) and get a new case, PSU, CPU and GPU.


List your budget, and maybe we can construct a new computer within that range

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I googled for this PC model of yours.



I'm afraid to tell you that you will probably have to buy a new computer. Need another copy of windows? Go find one, or buy one.


This PC doesn't have a full slot for a grpahics card, if it does have an expansion slot, it will still take only Low Profile GPUs.


More or less powerful Low Profile GPUs do exist, but they cost significantly more than their standard sized counter parts.


And you'll need at least a Phenom II X3 to run the game with decent performance.

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i disagree. i am going to give the op a list of what to upgrade, in order of importance:

new computer case to house everything, with at least a fan opening in the front for intake, and preferable one in the back for exhaust.

antec one hundred/two hundred/three hundred comes to mind

this will house the new power supply and necessary graphics card


add new power supply with proper power connections for motherboard.

i was looking at the inner view of the case here from newegg's deactivated version



hopefully that's it... you can see that the cpu fan/heatsink looks adequate, but that liteon 220w isn't comparative at all -- i viewed it in flash and saw that the power supply is a ps-5221, which according to sites from google... has a +12v line of 14a!!!

so swap the case out, get a new power supply, and buy an nvidia graphics card that has at least 96 or more shaders to play at a resolution of 1024x768

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