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Life in Liberty City. [Story]

Tracksuit Hitman

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Tracksuit Hitman


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Welcome to Life in Liberty City. This thread will be used for me to write out story chapters regularly based around my own PC/PS3/360 IV:MP gameplay. Whether this be on Free Mode or Party Mode, I'll be basing some of my content from the things I do in-game. You see, sometimes I wish to play realistically, so, when I'm in a public Free Mode, and people don't bother me I usually play as if my character is a real-life citizen of Liberty City. I also do the same when I'm on my own in Party Mode or Free Mode. My stories will be mostly from my imagination, but some of the content will be based on some gameplay that I do. I'll be posting at-least five or more paragraphs each time I post a new chapter, and there will be at-least one, if not more chapters added every week. I hope you enjoy reading my story as it goes on.



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The main character of the story (or the protagonist) is an Italian immigrant called Carmine Lombardozzi. Lombardozzi has recently immigrated illegally from Italy to Liberty City in order to make a fresh start. Carmine was a mobster for one of the Italian crime family's in Italy, fortunately for him he wasn't yet an inducted member of La Cosa Nostra, so he hadn't yet taken the oath of loyalty and secrecy. Carmine hopes to refine himself in Liberty City and maybe become a businessman, making it "big" through legitimate businesses of his own rather than using "rackets" as he was previously doing in Italy.


When Carmine moves to Liberty City he finds an apartment in Alderney. His apartment is located on Franklin Street, just a few miles away from alleged mob boss, Jimmy Pegorino's home, which is located on Beaverhead Avenue. Carmine soon begins to "mix" with the wrong people as he tries to set himself some businesses up in Liberty City. What he doesn't know yet, is that the Italian-American's he's doing business with are part of the Italian-American Cosa Nostra, similar to the one back in his home country of Italy. Lombardozzi is soon in for a shock when caporegime for the Pegorino family, Arnold LaTempa gets involved in Carmine's business proposition.



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As you can see further on in this post, there's a "Feedback" header. This will be used so that some examples of feedback can be posted. Now, there's just one rule I want to set down about feedback, and that rule's that people giving feedback should only give positive feedback or constructive criticism. Any negative feedback will be ignored.


I hope once I've posted my first chapter that readers stay "tuned" to see the next part of the story, and I hope that the readers can enjoy my story to the best that the story can be enjoyed to.



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No feedback as of yet.



I'll start writing up the first chapter later on. Expect it to be finished and posted by either this afternoon or tonight.
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Tracksuit Hitman
Nice start, I'd keep on working on it icon14.gif

That's only the introduction post. I'll be posting the first chapter in a few hours, just come back and look at this topic in 6-8 hours and it should be here. I'm currently planning out the chapter, so I'll probably start writing it out in an hour or two. Then, there's just the case that I've got to figure out what to write to keep it interesting... Once I've done that it shouldn't take too long, seen as though I'm a pretty fast typer. icon14.gif

aka geobst

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Tracksuit Hitman


"F*ck!" I screamed out. I woke up from a nightmare, but how long was I asleep? I raised myself up to see the cab I had got in at Francis International Airport was still driving, we were on a highway now. I looked around the cab whilst I sat myself up. I remember wiping my mouth, removing the dribbles of spit that were around my face. I looked around the cab, my heart rate began to rise, and I remember feeling more paranoid and anxious... My bags weren't with me in the cab, was I robbed at the airport, did I forget the bags? I didn't know what I could have done, all I knew was I had to find them bags, I couldn't lose all of that equipment. The cab stopped at a red light. I pulled myself close to the window, so that the cab driver could hear me.


"Where are my f*cking bags?" I was literally screaming, as I asked the cab driver the question that was making me more paranoid than I was when I was packing the bags back in my home country.


"Th-...They're in the trunk, sir", I looked to the cab driver with my eyes widened. My face went from red, to white, as I knew I just made the mistake of shouting at the poor driver.


"Sorry, I-...I'm just under pressure", I made an excuse up, I thought he would say something... But he didn't. I just sat back, looking out of the window to my left, to admire the view of my new home... Liberty City.



Suddenly, the cab pulled up, and I looked out of my window to see I'd arrived in a shady part of Alderney, but, it would have to do for now. I opened the door, and stepped out of the cab whilst watching the cab driver, to make sure he didn't try to take off with my luggage. On the side of the cab was a sticker, advertising the cab company which the driver worked for. Bellic Enterprises, I heard over the radio when we were driving down the highway that the manager was called "Roman", or "Niko", or something... I don't know. Either way, I didn't really care, it wasn't like I was going to be doing any business with no polak... f*cking hate the polak's. I turned to the cab driver, his hands were widen open and all of my luggage was lying on the curb. I put my hand into the left pocket of my leather jacket in order to get my wallet.


"How much is it?", I asked the usual question that a passenger from a cab would ask. I raised an eyebrow whilst I spoke, and began to unfold my wallet.


"Twenty seven dollars, and fifty cents", the cab driver nodded to me, if I can remember correctly as he spoke, his hand still being out for the money. I thought that was a sign of disrespect. But, nevertheless I took out a few notes from my wallet to make up a total of thirty dollars. I passed the money to the cab driver.


"Keep the change, pal". I nodded to the driver as I said this, putting my wallet back into my leather jacket's pocket. The driver didn't even say thank-you, or acknowledge me. But, he walked back to his cab and drove off without a word... Prick.



I had walked a while, down the street for about five minutes. I'd finally reached my apartment building... It looked sh*t. It looked like one of those apartment buildings which you see in movies, where all the drug dealers live. I mean, I don't think I'd ever lived in something as bad as this place. But, I had to take whatever I could get until I got my businesses up and running here, in Liberty City. Without hesitation, I walked to the door, which was kicked in badly... I side stepped through the door, and walked up the steps. Second floor, that's where I had to get to, Apartment eight. I walked through a small corridor, and there were a few shady looking people... They were obviously selling chronic. I didn't bother stopping, I just kept on walking up to the next floor. Eventually I reached my apartment... The door was already open. I hesitated for a second, but I walked in to see two guys dealing in here.


"The f*ck you doing?" I looked to the two guys, with a frown on my face. No, I wasn't angry, but I was trying to act intimidating towards them.


"F*ck! Sorry ni**er, we'll-..." One of them began to speak. I let one go past, but the one who was doing all the talking, I grabbed his neck as if I was going to choke him to death. He looked at me with a baby face, as if he was scared for his life... I can't blame him, I would of been in that situation. Eventually I let go of the guy, he was only a kid, I couldn't do anything, he'd probably get the rest of the guys he hangs around with. But now, he was scared, so he wouldn't do anything. I hoped.



I walked into the room, and looked around. The apartment still had furniture which the previous owner must have left behind. I didn't know what to think, I mean, who leaves a T.V. in their old apartment? I started to think maybe the last owner died, instead of leaving for another country, which is what the landlord told me. I threw three of my cases onto the mattress which lay on the floor, whilst I placed the last case onto the floor, slowly. This was a case that I had to keep hold of for a friend... Who I was expecting a call from. I sat myself down on the sofa, and picked the T.V. remote from inside one of the cushions. I tried to turn the T.V. on, but, it must have been broke. Suddenly, my cell phone began to ring loudly, I picked it up immediately and began to speak...


"Hello?", I spoke nervously down the phone... For all I knew it could be "one of those phone calls".


"Hey, hey, is that you Carm'?" I recognised the voice. This was the phone call that I'd been waiting for, the guy who I was speaking to was Paulie, Paulie Pop-Eye.


"Jesus, Paulie! Yeah, it's me. What's up?" I asked, even though I knew what Paulie was about to say... He was about to tell me a time and a location where to meet him.


"Come down to Northwood, it's in Algonquin... Just tell the cab driver to drop you off by the housing projects... I'm on the East project, fifth floor, apartment twenty eight. Got it?"


"Alright, I got it, what time?" I had to remember all of that... Good job that I was going soon.


"Come down as soon as you can... Bring the case." After Paulie had said this he put the phone down on me. When Paulie did that, it meant he wants you to go to him, and it meant now. No pissing about, not with Paulie.



I walked out of my apartment door, and hurried down the corridor. The people who were there when I arrived were still there. Maybe they were looking out for the cops, whilst there boss was doing business? I didn't know, and I still don't. Hurrying down the stairs I pushed through the broken door. My elbow smashed into the corner of the door, but the door didn't budge. I felt a terrifying pain in my shoulder, but I had to get to Paulie. I put my arm out in the middle of the road and yelled, "TAXI!" A cab pulled up by the side of the curb where I stood. I opened the back door and slid into the cab. After I moved my head closer to the window, so that the cab driver could hear me more clearly, I said, "Northwood... Algonquin, erm... Housing projects". The cab driver just nodded without saying a word, and he began to drive down the road.



About half an hour had gone by, and I noticed that we were driving through a neighbourhood populated by black people. I looked out of the window by my side to have a more of a advanced look, and I could see three housing projects building. The cab came to a halt across the road from the housing projects, and the cab driver turned around in his seat, he nodded to me. He must not have spoken English. Looking towards the front of the cab I saw a machine which showed the digits 30.05, this meant I'd have to pay thirty dollars and five cents. I dipped my spare hand into my leather jacket's pocket to take out the wallet, and I took out approximately twenty five dollars, and passed it through the mirror to the driver. I had no idea I'd under-payed, so I said "keep the change" before exiting the cab, and beginning to walk over the road, to reach the housing projects. I walked up to the third of the buildings, which had a small sign saying "East Building", this was where Paulie had told me to go...



I walked to the door of the building, and nervously pushed it open. I just remembered the fifth floor. I thought I could call Paulie when I was on the fifth floor to find out which apartment he's in. Suddenly I heard a few bangs, which sounded like gun shots... I was now panicking, my heart rate was increasing heavily and my heart was beating faster than a bolt of lightning. I began to walk towards the stairs, the pace of my walking was increasing due to the fear I had of the gun shots... I thought maybe someone was coming for me. Without hesitation I sprinted up three of the four stair-cases that I needed to get up to. Panting, I looked up for a moment to see three men sprint down the stairs, they went right past me. I looked down, my eyes following the men as they ran, and I noticed that two of the three had a firearm... A pistol.



I presumed that they were the people who just fired some shots, and that they were who I heard from downstairs. Now I knew it was clear, I began to proceed through the apartment block, and to the next flight of stairs. This was the fourth flight of stairs, and at the top I would reach the fifth floor, which Paulie said was his floor. I was already late, so I rushed up the stairs where the shooters had recently sprinted down, before running past me. Looking to my right, I saw that one of the apartment doors was kicked in, so, nervously and slowly I walked towards the door to see what had happened - Apartment twenty-eight, that's where Paulie had told me to meet him! I hesitated for a brief moment, but then I nervously walked through the door. I turned to see the bathroom - in the bathtub lay Paulie's body, with what looked to be at-least five bullets in the side of his head...



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aka geobst

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