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Favorite Place in Liberty City? Post Them

Cartel Cruiser

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Cartel Cruiser

Hey Everyone just post your favorite place in Liberty and give A little brief description.


My Favorite place or places are Bohan and Algonquin. I like Bohan because it doesnt feel as Busy as Algonquin. The Projects in South Bohan offer a nice view of the whole river and Algonquin as well. The problem with Bohan is that it is serverly ran down, but over all i still like it.


I like all areas of Algonquin. just because of it being based off of Manhattan. I like Middle Park East and Northwood the most. Algonquin isnt as isolated as bohan so it feels nice, and the weather is usually good as well.




I started, so everyone start postin!!! lol

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My favourites boroughs are Algonquin and Broker. Algonquin for the fact that it is based off of Manhattan so it has all of the landmarks, and Broker because of such areas like Hove Beach and Rotterdam Hill. Also it is where you start the game in.


My favourite areas of L.C are Middle Park East and Rotterdam Hill.


I like Middle Park East because:

- It is close to the skyscrapers of Algonquin.

- It is literally right next to Middle Park.

- It is where your luxury penthouse is located.


I like Rotterdam Hill because:

- It has beautiful views of Algonquin, the Humboldt River, East Hook and BOABO, and the Algonquin Bridge (which runs over the top of a portion of it).

- The brownstone houses are quite alluring to me.

- The area is very peaceful.

- The pedestrain area behind the row of houses where Michelle lives is the best part of the area for me, as it is the place where you can get your views of the aforementioned places above.

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1. Algonquin

2. Broker

3. Dukes

4. Bohan

5. Alderney


I like Algonquin the most because I think it's the best one to just cruise around in and take in the sights. It's the most detailed and largest so that's a plus. Broker/Dukes are pretty detailed as well and have good culture and soul. Bohan wasn't that important in the story and Alderney is pretty insignificant. Never spent much time there as I've spent most of my time in Algonquin/Broker and Dukes.

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Algonquin is definitely my favorite.


Every single area of it is highly detailed and polished.

Broker, Bohan and Dukes are pretty neglected on my opinion. I expected them to be more visually attractive.


Alderney is so so.

The northern part of it is solid, but southern to the Booth tunnel, it's pretty neglected too.



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